So I’m sitting here wondering where to start and I thought where better than who I am

First off my name is Jordyn surname Busby – I am named after the waitress in the movie Cocktail, as far as I know my dad chose it for me

I am 23 years old but most would say the maturity of a 60 year old. I may be old for my years but I feel younger than I am. I keep forgetting that I’m not 21 anymore and I am actually getting older – where are the days, weeks and months going to????

As you read through my notes you will notice that my spelling and grammar may not be great, I may use punctuation in the wrong places but where I put it is where I like it so there it will stay. I very much suit myself in this life of mine as you will learn as we go on.

So my very immediate family include my mum, my brother and moi. My dad was killed in a building accident on 12th September 1999 at the time I was just about to turn 7. A tragic time in our lives without a doubt and there isn’t a day goes by when I don’t think about him but you learn to live with it no matter how hard it is.

I grew up privileged, we lived in a nice house with nice cars and nice things and good schools and all of that but there isn’t a day that that money wasn’t worked for and everything appreciated.

Since I was 13 I have dabbled in the family business a bar, restaurant and off licence (more like forced by my mum- ha) I started working properly in the business when I was 16 studying for my A-levels – I started of on weekend work and worked my way up to a 40 hour working week – I loved the feeling of having my own money. I continued to work throughout the business and not long after I turned 18 our restaurant supervisor and manager left and I just naturally took everything on without flinching and 5 years later here we are. I’m not going to say it was easy and in the last 5 years studying towards my degree I was also learning to be a manager – it wasn’t easy and some days I just wanted to be a normal 20 year old but deep down I loved it and thrived off it all and still do (we all get our bad days no matter what job) I’m still learning but I feel I definitely have a better grasp of things now.

May 2016 I finished my part-time Business Studies degree I did through Southern Regional College (SRC) in affiliation with University of Ulster. I did all my studying part time and through SRC. I started my HNC and completed it after 2 years I then moved onto a degree link programme where I then completed my degree with a 2:1 (to me this was one of the biggest achievements of my life – more about this later).

Most of my week is spent working and when I’m not working I’m usually spending time with my boyfriend Kyle or my friend Christine and also her boyfriend Paul. I met Christine through my degree course  and without her I definitely wouldn’t have went to the end and with the mark I achieved – I can’t thank her enough for everything she done for me even though she’s too modest to accept it. ha but Thank you again.

My working week is cray cray and so is Kyle’s and we were just discussing today about how things always seem to get in our way but we always manage to get round it. I work usually 7 days a week with my busiest days being the weekend which are also Kyle’s days off which can sometimes make it hard to get a day together so usually every other month of so we take a full weekend together and make the most of it. Its like they say whats meant to be will be.

So thats pretty much me in a nutshell – not much to me just love to work and love to travel.

Hopefully you liked this first introductory post and would still like to read future posts of everything and anything…

Until then…



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