Hello and welcome to my second blog post.

I started my Facebook blog page last year with no real clue as to why and what I was doing. So I did it for a few months I got followers and then I left it behind.

Although I left it behind I never stopped thinking about it – when I start things I always have to finish or have a reason as to why I can’t go any further and in this instance there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t keep blogging.

My main hesistation in starting my blog was what people thought of me. Would they think I was just trying to be like everyone else starting a blog? What kind of comments they would give me – would they be good or bad comments?  What would they be saying behind my back?

With our family owning a restaurant and bar in a smallish town you could say we are known by a lot of people. Some of our customers have been with us from the start, feel like our friends and others we only have small conversations with but and there is always a but. There are some people who visit our restaurant who don’t particularly like us (some of them for reasons we don’t know) and some of the people in our town don’t know anything about us but chose not to like us anyway (sometimes I think they see us doing well and can bare it – to get where we are we have to put in a lot of hard work and hours)

But anyway my main hesitation stems from the people that don’t like us. Growing up in a bar/restaurant environment might sound pretty cool but it comes with some drawbacks. Over the years I have dealt with insults, degrading, name calling and all the rest which led to me loosing some of my confidence.  According to a lot of people everything I own or do “mummy pays for it” which is entirely not the case. I take great pride in being able to buy my clothes, car  and holidays – I haven’t relied on my mum for any of that stuff from I was 16 and I’m not going to start now.

Growing up I always had a lot of confidence and a don’t care what people thought of me attitude but over the years I noticed it starting to fall away. I starting to think about what would people think of the top I was about to by, the shoes, the car the everything and I was never like that before.

So this is what stopped me from blogging – What people thought of me!

Sometime around May/June time I realised that I had lost my confidence, lost my ability to not care what people thought of me and worried about everything. It was on that day I thought what are you doing? Why do you care what they think? They are going to judge you whether you do the things or not, buy the things or not, go on the lovely holidays or not so just deal with it.

From that day I have been building my confidence again and I can see it coming slowly back to what it was but I’m getting there and on that day I decided I was going to start blogging again and see where it goes and if it doesn’t work out then so what.

To all of you who are reading this and who are supporting me I thank you and I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe some of you can relate in a similar way and make changes if something like this is affecting you.

To all the haters – when your talking about me then at least your leaving someone else alone.

Truthfully Yours





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