99% of you won’t know that I was created or as some people may say ‘made’ through IVF treatment.

On this day 38 years ago Louise Brown was the worlds first ‘test tube’. In 1978 this was such a break through in fertility treatment which give many women hope that they could have children.

I never think of myself as being IVF and although over 5 million babies have been born via IVF and to my knowledge I have never met another IVF baby.

It is amazing what Drs can do in modern times and I am aware there are other fertility treatments available now but to be able to create a life in the way they do in a dish is incredible.

As far as I know there were 3 of us that stood a chance in the dish they put us in and my dad always used to say I was a survivor because I was the one that made it. ha.

Although my dad called me a survivor my brother calls me fake – his way of winding me up but as I remind him if it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t be here so he should be grateful 😉

It is said that if you conceive through IVF and fall pregnant naturally the 2nd time it is nearly always a boy who follows.

If anyone reading this is IVF do get in touch it would be lovely to know someone else who is IVF

Yours Specifically Made






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