Evening all,

I had a pretty hectic day in work today and I hmmm’d and haa’d about writing a blog post or going to bed but I decided to write a post instead.

This post is all about organisation and packing for a trip away…


My top priority each day is being organised – if I don’t feel organised I feel uncomfortable the whole day. Pretty much I have my whole next day planned out nearly to the hour before I go to sleep at night. (maybe this isn’t totally normal – ha)

I plan my days like in detail so you can imagine what I am like when it comes to going away even for a few days.

So pretty much I start by thinking about what I’m going to wear when I go away – this includes a search for the weather but also including outfits so that if the weather turns then I’m prepared. Again Organisation is KEY!

I then think about what needs to go into my suitcase (even if the trip is 6 months away) and what extras need to go in  – is 2 weeks before too early to pack?? (I even write lists and then more lists about lists)

Next…What time to arrive at the airport, booking car parking and any other added extras – usually I book the skip the queue security because the queues are always crackers.

Next up is what are we going to do when we go away? Where to eat? Things & places to go/see/do. Is it best to do that thing on this day cause the weather is supposed to be better?

Print off boarding passes, put them with passports and print any other sheets of paper for other bookings that I have etc and these all go into my case as soon as I get it out so then I can’t get to the airport and have forgotten something.

Some might say I’m almost like a worrier but its more to do with being particular and organised.

My head just goes over and over everything all of the time.


I always think a week is best to start organising what your going to put into your suitcase – this gives you enough time to see if anything you want to bring with you needs washed or ironed or whatever.

I usually start with toiletries – unless I am going away for 1+ weeks I only use travel size toiletries. I don’t buy the travel size in the shops because they are rediculously expensive for all they are so I usually buy the reusable ones out of TK Maxx or somewhere like that and squeeze my shampoos etc into them.

Then comes the underware and pj’s, perfume, kindle charger (longer holidays), camera charger, jewellery, straighteners (depending on the occasion because my hair is naturally straight), belts, socks, scarves and you get the picture.

Now its time for laying all my outfits on my bed to see whats what. Picking out shoes for each outfit and packing just a few extra outfits incase I’m not in the mood for the one I have originally thought of and again each outfit is planned out for the day. I don’t just pack a case full of clothes and say I’ll just wear that whenever. I do try to mix and match clothes to save space especially when I’m only travelling with hand luggage.

Up next is the fun part – trying EVERYTHING on. I couldn’t think of anything worse than going away only to get there and put your outfit on to see it doesn’t work :/ and we have all done it and felt pretty crappy the whole day/night.

Now its time to put it all in the case and write a list of everything that hasn’t been put in e.g. phone charger & hairbrush.

So…. I usually do this about 1 week before I leave for holidays – so technically I would be doing this tomorrow as I leave next Friday for a long weekend. In the morning I will more than likely be packing


Although I have packed everything and I’m all nice and organised and know exactly what is in my case because I have been thinking about everything for weeks/months I still get this niggle 9 times out of 10 about 2 days before I go that I haven’t put what I want in, maybe I’ll change that outfit or do those shoes even go with that – maybe ill just try that outfit on one more time and after I’ve sorted that all out I am FINALLY ready to rock n roll.

Now its time to go… Yipeee

The art of a stress free holiday is being organised and knowing you have everything with you.

Some people might call this a little OCD but I honestly can’t function unless everything is perfect and sorted in my head.

Being organised isn’t a bad thing but it isn’t for everyone – it just allows you to see what you need and don’t need.

Well thats my round up of being organised and packing. This post didn’t go the way I intended it to go but hey ho but I’ll learn to deal with it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.














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