I have been thinking a lot lately about the things I am most grateful for.

I have seen/heard of too many tragedies/heartache over the past number of weeks – whether on the news or through people that we know and through our own family.

I decided to choose something each day I am grateful for no matter how big or small it was.

7 days = 7 things to be grateful for

Monday – Private Health Insurance

This to me is something I am so grateful for – I have used it twice in the past 2 years and has been a total saviour.

My wait times with the NHS were roughly 3-9 months and with health insurance I was able to get seen within 6 days. I totally understand this is such a privilege to have, but for anyone out there it is so worth the investment every year. There are so many different plans and affordable prices that its worth checking out. We have our private health insurance through: WPA Health Insurance

If you are seriously concerned about your health forget about the money and invest in private care – it really is worth the money.

Tuesday – Being able to walk

Working in a restaurant involves lots of walking and last Tuesday I was walking to a table thinking its such an amazing thing to be able to walk. How your legs can move at different paces and different ways. To have your legs fully operational is fantastic – we use them without even thinking about it – just think how difficult the simpliest tasks would be if you didn’t have them.

Wednesday – My car 

In November I changed my car. I used to drive a Seat Ibiza and I saved for years and years and bought it outright and loved driving it but 18 months in I had had enough of it and decided I wanted a change and something a bit more sturdier when on the road – its not yourself you have to watch when your driving but others on the roads – a taxi nearly wiped me out on Sunday night by trying to chance a turn. So back to my car – in November I changed to a Mercedes A Class 180 AMG. This car is absolutely amazing, I’m in love. Every day I get into it and just love to drive it and feel grateful that I can afford a car like it. I feel safe and sturdy and ready to take on the roads.

Thursday – Being able to see

Another part of the body – but how amazing is our bodies and what they can do.

On Thursday I was grateful for my eyes – the ability to see and see the wonderful things that the world has to offer. I am grateful that on my travels I have been able to see many amazing sights.

Friday – Our family run business

It is amazing thing to run your own business and be your own boss. It is challenging, hardwork and rewarding. People say you only get back what you put in and I well believe it. There are many business ideas people have that are never going to work but those that are viable are achieved through hard work, determination and getting on with things even when its tough. I am grateful for the customers that visit us each day and help us to achieve our goals.

Saturday – Family (this includes our dog – ha)

Today I was grateful for family. For everything they do for me. Although sometimes they can drive me cray cray. Especially the ones I work with, but this is only human because we spend so much time together. Its my brothers birthday tomorrow so it will be nice to get together with some of them for a meal. It would have been my Dads today. Weird having birthdays so close together – what you think?

Sunday – Our staff

The weekends are our busiest times in the business. We mainly employee students part time at the weekend – those who are looking to earn a few extra pounds. Through the week our full-time staff work. I was working on Sunday (I like to say I pull my weight just as much as any of the staff although I do have my priviledges – ha) and just took a walk round the building to see everyone working away – making customers happy whether it was serving or cooking. The staff we have at the minute are great, all pleasant, happy and willing to help and do whatever needs to be done during their shift. I feel we have such a great team and everyone gets on so well and it makes everything go so well. The girls that work at the weekends get on so well they have started socialising with each other and I just think thats great. I am very grateful for the staff we have at the minute – I enjoy working with each one of them.


So thats a wrap.. My week of being grateful. Maybe Ill make this a weekly thing on a Monday to write a post on what I have been grateful for the previous week. What do you think?

Happy Monday Everyone – Make the most of your week 🙂



“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” ~Cynthia Ozick

6 thoughts on “A week of being grateful

  1. I think being grateful is such a healthy mindset. I actually just saw this youtube video about a guy that did not meditate but just thought of 3 things he was grateful for, every single morning, it helped him to wake up happy everyday! I think I should be more grateful sometimes and I can learn from blog articles such as yours 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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