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I am totally on the ball this week with blog posts – I seem to be trying to squeeze some blogging time in wherever I can. My current situation is that I am working and since I have got caught up on all my work I thought I would get started on a new post.

I have so many things I want to write about but since so many of my holidays are coming up over the next 4 months I thought I would write a blog post on my travel bucket list.

I absolutely love love love to travel, I love the thrill of booking and planning everything, the excitement of the airport and the plane journey and the exploring at the other side. The plane is one place I get to just chill totally – I read a book, do some Sudoku and arrowword puzzles (geek alert).

Over the past number of years I have travelled a lot around the USA. I loved the roadtripping aspect of it although don’t get me wrong after 6 hours in a car I was glad to get out of it.


First off I’ll start with what is on my bucket list that I have already booked and I’m just waiting to go:

Caribbean – I am cheating this one as I am doing a cruise this September. Although I have been to Barbados before on a Hockey Tour and loved it.

Poland (Krakow) – I am visiting here in November, I especially can’t wait to see Auschwitz.

Now to the places that I have yet to book:

Australia – I have heard it is super expensive so I want to do this when I have saved plenty of £££ and have 4 weeks to spare

Thailand – I had planned to do this this year but things didn’t work out. Maybe next year I’ll get to do it. I want to do lots of the islands

South America – I would love to do Rio De Janeiro and maybe go deep into the rainforest (Amazon). I have previously looked up tours and they look amazing.

Croatia – this is has been on my list for a while – the pictures I have seen have been breathtaking.

Santorini – How amazing do those houses look on the hills with their blue roofs. Have you ever checked out accommodation in Santorini?? If you haven’t you really should. Some of the places are totally stunning and have beautiful rooms looking out over the sea.

Lake Garda & The Amalfi Coast – This has been on my list for maybe 3 years. I just haven’t had the chance to go yet. I had priced Lake Garda at the time and it was around £1,000 for 1 week through TopFlight going out of Dublin – It’s a little steep considering the deals you can get at the minute for other beautiful destinations

***Travel Tip*** if you are from Ireland and would love to go to Lake Garda and don’t mind booking last minute then check top flight around August time as they always have a sale on for travel in September for Lake Garda with around 30% off.

South Africa – this is a new one for me after watching Tarzan last week (by the way what a great movie). It just looks so amazing and I would love to go on a safari

Prague  – Also been on my list for a while, I enjoy visiting different cities to find out there culture. I don’t know much about Prague yet but I just have such a feeling of wanting to visit there.

Portugal – A new place on my list – I never really thought much of Portugal before but this year I have seen so many people visiting it that I’ve got a niggling feeling of wanting to go.

New Orleans & Deep South & Nashville – this will be my next big road trip – I just really need to visit New Orleans for all the jazz music and the swap tours. I have pretty much researched everything for that trip already it’s just a matter of time before I go. Maybe next year.

So that’s what is on my list so far… It doesn’t seem like much to me but if I get all that done in the next 3-5 years I’ll be more than happy. I really would love to see the whole world but that’s going to take time 😉




“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine



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