Please tell me I am not the only one that is too lazy to wash their make up brushes?

When they get really bad I usually chuck them out until now…(Not that I buy overly expensive ones)

A week or so ago I was trawling through Pinterest and came across a link to cleaning make up brushes. This post made me want to clean my brushes – Not difficult at all like I had assumed.

So to clean them all I needed was:

  1. Running water
  2. Baby Shampoo (its soft on the bristles)

It was that simple so my next trip to the shop had me buying baby shampoo – I chose Johnston’s baby shampoo.

  1. When wetting your brushes make sure you point the bristles down so that it keeps the glue nice and dry. If you hold the bristles towards the water the water will start to soak into the glue which can cause the bristles to fall away.
  2. Put a little shampoo on your hand not too and swirl the brush into the shampoo, then massage the shampoo into the bristles to make sure all the old product is gone.
  3. Repeat for each brush

Once I had done this for each brush I left them hanging over the edge of my dresser to allow them to dry.

Someone I had mentioned this to said to leave them hanging over the sink but bathrooms don’t contain a lot of heat and I find things take a longer time to dry in bathrooms

So its a simple as that… If only I’d have known this before now there would have been a lot more brushes saved 😉

I hope you enjoyed reading my little beauty tip

This was before I cleaned my brushes




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