When you are reading this I will probably be on a plane on my way to Newcastle Upon Tyne. I know your thinking how are you posting this while on a plane – well I have started to schedule my posts that way I can write them 2/3 days in advance and then spread them out instead of bombarding you with them. Such a considerate person. ha.

So if you read my previous post Pack, Unpack & Pack Again I have to be super organised when I am travelling. So last Friday I packed and today I unpacked (tried a few things on) and packed again… Just like I said I would in my blog post. I just get this niggle that I need to start again even tho I know every single item in my case.

So back to the weekend ahead…

My boyfriend Kyle & I are travelling to North Yorkshire to our friends wedding. Originally the wedding was supposed to happen next year but they brought the date forward – they couldn’t wait any longer. ha. The groom was my friend first but now I consider them both my friends.

So tomorrow (Friday) will consist of flying, travelling and then dinner in a lovely restaurant tomorrow evening. I think there is around 30 of us going so it should be a great night and great opportunity to meet some people before the wedding. We ate in the restaurant last year and it was lovely so I’m looking forward to my meal… I LOVE food!

Saturday its all about the wedding… of course I have myself in to get my hair done at a salon I spotted last time I was over visiting. My hair is naturally straight – I can’t curl it even if I want to so its just a wash and blow-dry for me 🙂 The wedding is sure to be great, I’m not sure who I am sitting with but if my suspicions are right then I’ll be with a brilliant group of people. I’m not great with hangovers and rarely put myself in the position to have one but maybe I will make an exception for this one :p

I can’t wait to see what the bride is wearing and everyone else. I will definitely be taking lots of pictures.

Sunday I’m not totally sure what is happening – I’m sure any of us that are left will be meeting up at some stage. What time will depend on how people are feeling… 😉

Monday we start off early to make our way back to the airport. I’m not totally sure how far away our hotel is from the airport but its a while anyways ha and we have car hire to leave back (this always takes forever – or maybe its just me)

I will be back into work probably Monday evening to get caught up on some paperwork. If this is your first time reading a blog post of mine: my family own a restaurant, bar and off licence. I spend a lot of my time in work. I am the main person for all the paperwork. See more here: My First Blog Post – About me. Usually after being away on a break I wouldn’t go to work on the same day but I fly out again on Wednesday for my next holiday which is a week long.

Reading this it probably seems I am away a lot but everything just seems to happening at once at the minute. I will tell more about that trip after I wrap this one up.

I will post outfit pictures – on Facebook first: Always Unique Never Ordinary – BLOG, Instagram: jordynbusby and then eventually on here.

As always I hope you enjoyed reading my post – I also have an exciting post coming up later today (Friday) check it out.








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