Today we arrived at the airport for our flight, and were greeted by the biggest easy jet bag drop queue I have seen in ages (I’m not used to flying in summer – I usually fly either side)

I’d say the queue we were faced with was easily an hour long and NO way was I queuing in it

So my quick thinking I led me to look for the easyjet speedy line to see no one was in it. I then looked for the easyjet info desk and asked the girl for an upgrade she told me it would be £13 and I didn’t hesitate.

This got me straight to the front of the queue for bag drop, better seat option and also speedy boarding- how could you be bad to that???

So right now we are sitting in our own private area of the queue waiting to board with no hassle of queuing

This is the first time I have done this and I’m questing I won’t be my last because it is so good but I don’t think I’ll be using it when it isn’t peak time for travel

It would even be a great idea if you were tight for time for your flight and save a lot of stressing

👍 to speedy boarding



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