Hey everyone

If you read some of my previous posts you will see I was away pretty much for the first 2 weeks in August.

My first trip away was to North Yorkshire for my best friends wedding and then I had a few days of work when I got back then it was off to Bulgaria for a week with my mum – you can read more about this here.

We got home last Wednesday around 4.50pm and went straight to work (the joys of owning your own business – not that there wasn’t any work done when we were away ;)) and our next trip was for my cousins wedding on Friday 19th.

This one was a little closer to home as it was in Ballymena – the wedding reception was held in the Tullyglass Hotel. Most of our family hadn’t been there before and what a stunning place it is. The main wedding room was decorated beautifully by the hotel and the hotel rooms were brilliant and modern for the style of hotel.


We partied and danced all night and had a great time all round. It took us a while to get ourselves together on Sunday. We were all too comfy chilling out at the hotel.

I think it was nearly 4pm before someone decided to make a more and a few of us headed up to Portrush for a few amusement rides in Barry’s, a chip shop dinner, some ice cream and a bar of rock 🙂

Northern Ireland has some beautiful places – I snapped this pic waiting for my chips in the chip shop. Not a bad place to have your food when you have a view like this.


By 7.30pm we had all had enough and needed to start our travels home as it usually takes around 1hr 30/45mins to get home.

It didn’t take me long to get myself sorted and into bed to recover from the partying.

I was straight back into work yesterday (Sunday) for the next 4 weeks before I head away on my CRUISE!!! ahhh I can’t wait. More to come on my cruise in the next few weeks.

So thats me getting into the way of writing again after my week away.

I still kept my Facebook updated whilst I was away – the wifi was only strong enough for a quick creep on Facebook and I used all the daylight hours to make sure my tan was top notch.

You can find me on Facebook: Always Unique Never Ordinary,  Instagram: jordynbusby & Snapchat: alwaysunique26




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