When packing for a trip away, I can usually tell you weeks in advance what I want to pack in my checked luggage. I plan outfits to precision and always have a back up in case I just don’t feel like that outfit today… (girls you will know what I mean more so than men)

When I’m travelling in Europe I tend to use low cost airlines which don’t include luggage – most time I begrudge paying the ridiculous price for one 20kg suitcase so I have become a master of packing a week into that tiny carry on case but travelling long haul for my is totally different.

I don’t over pack my carry on when travelling long haul as I like to keep that space for the stuff I’m going to buy when I’m there 😉 but there are definitely things that I cannot do without on a long haul flight.

10 things that I pack for certain when travelling long haul

1. Earphones – how uncomfortable are the standard issue of airlines. I’m not sure about you but they don’t sit right on my head and I can hardly hear whats coming out of them

2. Medication – I usually take paracetamol or aspirin in. I would recommend including any daily medication you may need for your whole trip just in case your suitcase gets lost as it could be difficult to replace them in a foreign country.

3. Phone, tablet & laptop chargers – these days battery life on phones just isn’t the same. One minute it is 100% battery next its 20%. I carry mine in case of a delayed flight or when I get to the other end and have a few hours to go before I arrive at my destination. Don’t forget that most airports will not let you through if your phone doesn’t have any charge. I think it came into effect some time last year.

4. A change of clothes and essential toiletries – my worst nightmare is my case getting lost so I always pack spare clothes just in case to get me through the next day until my bag is located.

5. A jumper/cardigan – I don’t know about you but I am ALWAYS cold on a plane. So I always make sure to have a jumper to avoid the chill.

6. A blanket – I bought a light weight blanket a few years back before travelling a gruelling 10 hours to Vegas. What a great investment of £5. Much warmer than the airline standard one and some times if your late on the flight you don’t even get a blanket. They are great if you forget you jumper or need and extra bit of warmth

7. Snacks & sandwich – I NEVER leave on a long haul flight without a sandwich  especially if I am arriving at my destination at night as sometimes it can difficult to find somewhere to eat. Snacks are my saviour on the plane as I don’t tend to get hungry but I do love a packet of sweet and crisps when I’m watching a few movies 🙂

8. Documents – I always carry all the documents I will need for my whole trip in my hand luggage as they are easier carried than having to find a place to reprint everything if you bag get lost in transit.

9. Things of value – I have a few designer items that I like to take away with me but these ALWAYS come in my carry on. I did not save all that money for those items to put them in my case to get stolen. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that it will get stolen but better safe than sorry. You don’t know who is near your bag after its checked in.

10. Things to keep me occupied – I know we have movies on long haul flights but sometimes watching 3 in a row is toooo much. So I always tend to take puzzles such as Arrow-words, Suduko and Word Searches. I alway pack my kindle as well as I love a good book when I am travelling. I have found myself ready for 2/3 hours at a time on planes without realising.

11. Straw hat – now I don’t take straw hat with me on every holiday but any that include sunshine and summer and its packed. By packing it in my carry on it keeps it from loosing its shape in my hold luggage. Sometimes they can be really difficult to get back into shape, more often that not I have had to throw them out because of the shape :s

That pretty much sums up my carry on luggage, like I said above I don’t like to over pack it so I can leave room for stuff that I buy when I am away – saves paying for excess kg’s at the airport. 😉

Not long now to my trip away – all of the above are already in my carry on ready to rock and roll on Sunday 🙂

Jordyn x

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