Hi everyone,

I am back for Part 2 of our holiday – if you missed Part 1 you can read it here.

So after our stop over in Chicago we took a quick flight to San Juan, Peurto Rico. We stayed here for 1 night before our cruise.

We stayed in a hotel called The Ciqala Suites – I am going to be totally honest, the area wasn’t great and the hotel although clean and tidy was cheaply done up. You could see out into the hall through the door frame.  :/ They do have a lovely roof top area with an infinity pool tho.

I had booked into this hotel for 2 nights on the way home as well but I soon cancelled it and booked a hotel in the Condado area which is a much better area. My suggestion is if your booking a hotel in San Juan book one that is a like a small resort and in the Condado, Isla Verde area.

Onto the cruise… Aghhhh I was so excited getting onto the ship – I had been on a cruise before but almost 10 years ago.


We chose Royal Carribean as our cruise liner and they didn’t disappoint. Our cruise was called the 7 night Southern Carribean on the ship  Adventure of the Seas.

You can read all of our port stops here.

The first excursion we did was in St Maarten – we chose snorkelling and a catamaran sail. It was brilliant. We seen lots of fish, some wrecks and had great time jumping off the boat.


Our next excursion was day 2. A hike in the rainforest in St Kitts. I am going to be honest I never really thought about the heat when I booked a hike, but it was great. It wasn’t as warm when we got into the rainforest and we had another great excursion with a very informative tour guide.

With our Antigua stop we did a beach day. If you are going on a cruise book the beach before you get off. The only reason I am saying this is because the HAGGLE you big time when you get off the boat and it starts to get frustrating after a while. They took us to Valley Church beach and I have to say it was stunning. Antigua has 365 beaches so it won’t be hard to find one.

From Antigua we were supposed to be going to St Lucia and Barbados but the Captain turned the ship around as Hurricane Matthew was making its way up to the islands and we wouldn’t get to them and back before the hurricane so he brought us back to St Maarten then to St Croix and lastly St Thomas. It was a risk we took when we booked the cruise – I was really looking forward to Barbados but it gives us an excuse to go back 😉

Antigua – Valley Church Beach

We had planned to do another snorkelling excursion in Barbados but with us not going there any more we decided to do a similar one in St Thomas. It wasn’t great snorkelling because the Hurricane was making it windy and the sea was rough making the snorkelling visibility poor. The island we were at is supposed to be amazing snorkelling tho – it was called Buck Island.

We ate in the main dining room each night at 8.30pm – for us this was a perfect time for us as it gave us time to relax after getting back on board after exploring. In the main dining room the dress code is smart casual 5 nights and formal 2 nights, they will tell you on your cruise compass each day what they dress code is. I am going to do a blog post on my recommedations and suggestions for cruising.

Its so lovely being able to get dressed up lovely each night and eating a lovely dinner. The menu changes each night – they are open to varying the menu to suit your needs so if your going on a cruise don’t forget to ask. If you don’t fancy sitting down for dinner the buffet restaurant is the other option.


After dinner there are so many things to do that you you nearly need to flip a coin to choose what to do. There are comedy shows, ice skating shoes, game shows, quizzes, karaoke, mini golf, movies and the list goes on. There is so much that we didn’t get to do.

If you don’t get off the boat during the day there is just as much to do so don’t think you will be bored in the slightest.

You can choose to do the cruise as you please. It can be as casual or formal as you like, relaxed or jam packed with stuff.

Antigua – Valley Church

I thouroughly enjoyed the cruise – there where people there from all backgrounds, countries and age groups.

I most definitely will cruise again, it was a brilliant experience and holiday and a great way to see lots of places within the week.

The cruise suited us as a couple as I like to lye by the pool while Kyle likes to be up and about. It had the right balance for us.



I’ll be blogging about my cruising recommendations over the next week so don’t forget to check back if your interested 😀







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