Hi everyone,

A lot of you will know that last month I was on a cruise around the Caribbean.

Such a fantastic experience and I loved dressing up each night for dinner in the main dining room.

I have added all my looks below along with the brands where I got the pieces – I won’t be able to give links because I always buy thing ages before I wear them and some of the things are years old.

I like buying quality over quantity.

Now for the outfits… 😀

Loved this outfit I wore on the first part of the holiday in Chicago you can read more about it:here – I re wore it a few days after the cruise. This dress is super comfy. It is peplum at the bottom and sways lovely when you walk

Dress: Zara, Sandals: Cara London Sunglasses: Rayban

We snapped most of my looks outside on the ship as the light wasn’t as severe. Most of the looks were also taken with me trying to stand still with the boat rocking so hard with the start of hurricane Matthews rocky seas and winds.

This outfit was snapped about 6 times – each time I was almost ready the boat rocked and threw me off balance.

Wrap Dress: Topshop, Wedges: Spanish brand

The next outfit I wore was to the second formal night on the ship. The boat rocked so much this day that I felt a bit queasy. Even when the boat was docked it was still swaying.

I like to wear dresses when I am on holidays as they are easy and elegant to wear. With shorts or skirts you have to bring matching tops etc and its just more effort than I want when packing


Skater Dress: Ted Baker, Nude Heels: Christian Louboutins

I always take this dress out when I am packing and think why did I buy it. This picture doesn’t do it justice but it fits me perfectly and is a great shape. Its a great length for dinner in the main dining room. To me the main dining room on the cruise is not a place were you wear short skirts or shorts.

Cut out Skater Dress: Topshop, Wedges: Clarks

This next dress I bought online – I’m not a great fan of online shopping because I alway end up sending it back for bad fitting or quality or just looks nothing like its picture on the website but this dress is so beautiful. I love the colours for summer and the shape and style is just so cute.

Skater Dress: Boohoo, Wedges: As above

This is my most favourite dress. I feel so good in it and I think everyone should have a dress that makes them feel good. I got this dress for my graduation in July this year. I bought it 6 months before the graduation but I loved it just as much in July as I did when I bought it. The quality and detail is perfect.

Dress: Ted Baker, Nude Heels: As above

Ted Baker dresses are great investment pieces – its hard to go wrong in their timeless effortless pieces.

This dress is always the one I turn to on the first night of holidays. I have no idea why because I should wear it at the end when I’m nice and brown against the white. Its a simple skater dress – I find skater dresses or dresses that nip in at the waste and end above the knee suits me best. I think its important to find what suits your shape so you can feel comfortable in what your wearing. I find if I am comfortable in my outfit and I know it suits me I have more confidence.

Dress: Tommy Hilfiger, Wedges: As above

I took this picture whilst in Chicago, but recycled it on the cruise for dinner one night. I love how it can be worn casual or dress up for dinner. It is just the cutest smock dress. When I was packing it I just knew I would use it one night for dinner. There is always a night or 2 when you can’t be bothered to make as big an effort as other so this dress is just perfect for a night like that.

Dress: Cortefiel, Shoes: Ugg

One thing is for sure I need to start getting better pictures of my outfits but I’m new to all of this so I am still working on it 😉

I think all women should look and feel great in the clothes we were and we should make the most of our shapes and dress to suit them.

Finding your own style is key – I found mine young and its mainly because I am a very decisive person about things I like and don’t like. I know I like classic looks so thats how I base my outfit choices.

Sometimes you need to stop following the fashion trends and start looking at what works best for you. It doesn’t make you any less fashionable if you don’t follow trends.

So that’s a round up of my outfits on the cruise – I hope you enjoyed reading and having a look. Maybe if you are going on a cruise it will give you a little idea as to what to wear at night if your stuck.

Thanks for reading


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