Hey everyone,

I’m trying to get back into writing on my WordPress as well as posting stuff on my Facebook.

I have been so busy for the past month, time has just passed me by and to be honest I am really good with time management but it just wasn’t happening.

But anyway I’ll get onto my new topic and its all about Facial Cleaners.

I have been finding it so hard to find a facial cleanser I love and I am sure there are a lot of you in the same situation. Its almost as hard as finding a great foundation.

So I have gathered some of the products that I have been using for a few months to let you know what I think and maybe it will help some of you.


I have tried all of the products except for the Vichy which I only bought at the weekend, but it gets great reviews online so I am looking forward to trying it out.

I have oily skin and I am prone to breakouts – the breakouts are totally random, they happen when they want. Some of these products make not be great for oily skin but its all trial and error in my eyes.

I’ll start with my 2 least favourites and work to my favourites.

My least favourite – Estée Lauder, Perfectly Clean 


First off the scent is way to perfumed, it’s overwhelming. I also find that I have to use a lot of product when washing my face. Lastly I don’t feel that it cleans my face very well – after washing with this cleanser I usually have to use other products to take the rest of my make up off. Its 1/10 for my and at approx £20 per 150ml its not cheap.


Next up is – Dermalogica, Everyday Cleansing Solution


I bought this cleanser in the airport  for 2 reasons.

  1. I needed a travel size face wash for the plane
  2. I always heard people saying good things about Dermalogica products and wanted to try them out.

There is no strong scent off this one which is great, but I found it just didn’t take off all my make-up and didn’t have any suds. I found this cleanser was better when you wet your face and then used a cotton pad to cleanse your face.

Maybe the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation I use is stubborn to get off I don’t know?

It’s a 3/10 for me and at around £13 for a travel size its not cheap either.


Now its time for some of my favourite facial cleansers in no particular order

Origins – GinZing, Refreshing Scrub Exfoliant


This Origins GinZing cleanser smells amazing. Origins is one of my favourite department store beauty brands. I have used their moisturisers, masks and facial washes for years.  I got this back in May when my acne was having one of its bad periods – I knew it wouldn’t fix it but it did help soothe it and as it is a slight exfoliator it was too harsh on some of more painful blemishes. It doesn’t leave your face feeling sore after either and gives a great shine.

I rate it at 8/10. It is approx £15 which is a good price for a department store brand.

Garnier – Pure Active, Micellar Water


Okay so this is my lazy way out at night time and I use it in the morning if my least favourite cleansers don’t take off all my makeup properly. I really like the Micellar waters, before I started using them I used face wipes and I know they are a big NO NO. 😉 but sometimes with my job I’m doing 12-15 hour shifts not finishing to 2am and face wipes were the best alternative. There is no scent of the Garnier Micellar waters, I choose this one or the pink. They have Micellar Oil Water in Garnier but I don’t like to add more oil to my skin because it brings me out in break outs.

It’s approx £4.00 for 400ml which is great and it goes a longggg way and removes all your make up although it does take about 5 cotton pads but it’s so handy I would rate it at 8/10.

Image Skincare – Clear Cell, Clarifying Gel Cleanser (Contains salicylic acid)


Okay girls this is my FAVOURITE by miles. I absolutely love love love it. It is maybe because it helps keep my blemishes at bay.

Image skincare cannot be bought online as it is a pharmaceutical grade face cleanser – meaning it has more active ingredients than the others. I went to a specially trained salon to purchase this and to purchase it I had to have a facial to determine which of the Image Skincare brands would be of benefit to me. The beautician recommended I use the Clear Cell cleanser and it has changed my life. It is totally amazing.

You can feel the salicylic acid taking effect when you using it. I use it every 2/3 days as I find it quite strong on my skin but it totally clears and drys up any blemishes I have that morning.

If you are struggling with acne and haven’t found a solution this could be for you!!

Its approx £30 for 177ml – you only need a small amount so it goes a long way.

My rating is 10/10

I am using other products by Image Skincare and I am loving them – well worth the price girls.


Vichy – Normaderm , Deep cleansing purifying Gel


I haven’t used it but I picked it  because it has some salicylic acid in it and I remember a friend saying years ago how good Vichy products where. Friday was the first I have seen it in Northern Ireland, I got it is Clear Pharmacy in Lurgan. Reviews online for this are 4.5* so I am hoping for good things. 😀

I paid £12.50 for it but I see online you can get it for around £9.00 if you type it into your search engine.


That’s my round up girls of the cleansers I have been using for the last 6 months. I hope it has been of some help and could be of benefit to you in the future.

My next blog post coming up is on Skincare as well. Have a look back over the next few days to catch it 🙂


Thanks for reading



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