Welcome to my newest blog post,

I am going to base this on my experience with acne over the years and how I am trying to combat it.

I hope you enjoy reading 🙂

My acne started when started just as I started high school. GREAT.  It was everywhere and it was angry and red. I was a real tom boy growing up so using make up to cover it up wasn’t really my thing. I was given antibiotics to take for a year but I was only 12/13 and had no interest in taking tablets.

Eventually my acne started to affect my confidence. As a child I was always a confident and independent person but when other teenagers started to notice and point out my spots my confidence started to falter. I eventually started to cover up the blemishes with make up which gave me some of my confidence back.

My acne wasn’t always bad, it came and went, was good, then bad and then worse and so on…

Over the years I spoke to pharmacists, dermatologists, GPs, I was prescribed more antibiotics, ointments, creams, gels, acids and more tablets etc… It all works for a while until your body gets used to it and then the cycle of finding something else that works starts again until now…

Around 4 months ago I found Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd on snapchat and she has changed my skin for the better!!

Having blemishes still affects my confidence especially when the breakouts are angry but since I started following Jennifer they have been less… lets say vicious and sore and red. If you suffer acne you’ll know what I am saying and if you do suffer acne and you want some unbiased  expert advice I advise you to start following The Skin Nerd NOW!!!

So the first piece of advice I took from Jennifer was VITAMIN A… you’ll always hear her saying vitamin A is very important for your skin. I have been taking it now for just over 2 months an I have started to notice a difference in my skins complexion and my break outs aren’t as bad as before.

This is the one I am taking – Holland & Barrett

She also works for a brand called Image Skincare which I had heard a lot of bloggers saying how great it was so through Jennifer I found a stockist near me – you can find stockists here. Because Image skincare is a pharmaceutical level brand you can only purchase it from specifically trained professionals and it cannot be bought over the internet because of the active ingredients.

So I went for a consultation and facial at my local stockist and she recommended I start with the Image Skincare Clear Cell Cleanser – I did a small review of it here. After one facial tailored to my skins requirement I could feel and see the difference – it was amazing. The cleanser is amazing, I use it every 2/3 days to keep on top of things but not often enough to annoy my skin as it is quite strong.


It has really made a difference to my life and my skin – it keeps everything a bay and if  I do have a breakout it helps clear it up quickly. Its my new go to product and if I’m having a bad skin day I now know that I have something that actually works and it helps me deal with it a little better.

If you have acne and feel in the same rut I did, don’t hesitate for a moment longer. Find your nearest stockist and get booked in. I can’t vouch for the other products under this collection but this product for me is amazing.


Thank you for reading an I hope it can be of some help to at least one person 😉







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