Hey everyone…

Last night I was invited to an event with DV8 Fashion in Belfast featuring Suzanne Jackson from So Sue Me – Blog

The event started with Prosecco and a browse of their stock and then it was on to Suzanne’s talk where she discussed how she got into blogging and shared a few tips.

It was a great night all round and I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did my bestie that came along with me 😀

I thought as part of this blog post I would show you what I wore last night, what I spotted in store that I liked and then we had some free time before Suzanne’s talk so we got creative and I tried on some looks.

So here goes…

My outfit of the night

I loved this outfit – I felt comfortable and stylish at the same time. In my opinion you can’t beat classic dressing.

I think its really important to dress in what makes you feel as good as you look.

Next up – what I spotted in store

Playing Dress Up

So we were waiting for Suzanne to turn up so they told us to have a browse around and get creative as we like with their products. It was hard to take pictures of some of the stock as there were lots of people around. So I thought why don’t I try it on and see what some of the stuff looked like. I only managed 3 outfits in the 15mins we had but there is so much I would have loved to piece together.

We had such a laugh doing this and some of my facial expressions in the pics make me cringe but you know what the laugh out ways the cringyness lol.

This coat was my fav – I kept looking at it all night


This skirt was too big so it was hard to get a proper pic but we took a video of me shaking the fringing and it is hilarious but no way am I sharing it lol. This outfit would be great for a night out.

So we had a great night at the DV8 event – you can shop on their website: http://www.dv8fashion.com

Thanks again DV8 for the invite.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you want to see more about tonight or other things check out me Facebook or Instagram.







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