Hey everyone,

Tonight I thought I would share with you 5 reasons why I love my job.

As some of you may know from reading previous posts I run/manage our family bar, restaurant and off licence.

I do anything from waitress, wash dishes (not very often), help with cooking (not often either thankfully) to all the paper work.

I took this pic last week after my trip to Krakow before I opened the doors to customers. I always take a minute to enjoy the quite before its all starts.

Its a crazy job with some quiet days and some chaotic days that would make you run for the hills but I really don’t think I would change it for any other job.

Here goes:

1. Our customers – granted not all make your life easy and I’m learning slowly but surely to accept that you have to get a few bad ones. I enjoy that in our business we have quite a lot of regulars who visit us and over time you get to know them and build friendships and to be honest our business wouldn’t be the same without them and we are very grateful for them.

2. Our staff – I have to say we all work well together. We have great relationships with each other and I have seen friendships blossom over the years and its great. Now we do still argue and get on each others nerves its more the main full time staff that this happens to but in the end it gets resolved without even talking about it – its like when you fall out with your brother or sister; you squabble for a while and then its okay again.

3. I’m good at it – okay so I’m not blowing my own trumpet as they say but I have been doing what I do full time for 8 years. I started out waitressing and then as time progressed I took on more and more tasks. Quite a lot of the things I do have been self taught – sometimes with mistakes and then I have modified the way I do things along the way and I have made modifications to those these that were taught to me. I am still learning things about my job each day, finding new and better ways of doing things and trying to better everything.

4. Its sociable –  I know quite a lot of people would cringe at the thought of being a waitress and some people don’t see it as a ‘proper’ job (which seriously annoys me) but it is so sociable. You get to meet lots of people and you get to hear some of their stories along the way and those people who you didn’t know before because regular faces and people you enjoy seeing each week. Sometimes our place is like a proper gossip shop – I hear all the goss whether I want to or not and some of the stories are absolutely gas and you couldn’t honestly make them up.

5.Being my own boss – I love being my own boss – well I know my mum is technically my boss but she pretty much leaves everything up to me so well that kinda makes me the boss then. 😉 I don’t really boss people about – I always ask someone to do something I would never tell them to do something and I most certainly wouldn’t ask them to do something I wouldn’t do myself. I would like to think of myself as a good person to work for (I hope if any of the ones I work with agree with this – ha). I try to accommodate everyones requests in work and work round everyone as I know if I need them they are more than willing to help out. Sometimes I have to be firm in work and about different things but thats because its our business and I have to think about what is best for it.


So there we have the 5 reasons why I love my job – there are more but these are the main ones.

I hope you enjoyed reading it






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