Through my job in our business I do most of the recruiting but the one thing I find is that an interview proves very little.

It proves your ability to sell yourself etc but its all rehearsed and doesn’t show your ability as a person to do the job.

When recruiting people I ask them to come in for a working trial so see how they are and how they react in the work place. Along the way I ask them questions which basically acts like an interview.

Those who may be fantastic at an interview could be terrible at the job and those who are bad at the interview could be great at the job you get the jist.

Me personally I am terrible in interviews; I think I’ve been to one or two but what a shambles they were but because I was bad at the interviews there was no chance to go further and if they seen how I worked they might have hired me (I’m a hard worker and love to learn).

But anyway onto my 10 tips – I’m only going to write a little as I’m sure you don’t want to be here all night 😉

1. DO NOT talk badly about your previous employer – I have had so many people lately do this and it is not an attractive quality and there is alway two sides to every story. Quite often those who speak ill of their previous employer are the worst workers – hence why you probably didn’t get on with your employer.

2.Ask questions – there is nothing worse than taking someone on and you ask them have you any questions and they don’t have any. Your starting a new job how can you not have a million and one questions.

3. Don’t be over keen – and then 2 weeks in lose interest because eventually you’ll only lose your job. Generally we can see through the keenness as its usually too put on but it doesn’t impress anyone when your being over the top.

4. Write things down – no one expects you to learn everything on the first shift/day but if you can take down the important things it will help you along the way and help you relax.

5. Dress well – obviously the dress code will depend on the job you are doing but in our business being in the hospitality industry. Clean crisp black clothes are a must. It pays to look smart and clean – it also reflects on you as a person.

6. Don’t be overly forward socially – be friendly of course but don’t pry into peoples lives too soon as it can cause them to put barriers up and push you out.

7. Don’t be afraid to put ideas forward – your new to the company and you may have ideas that those in the company hadn’t thought of. Sometimes we get complacent doing things and forget to look so new eyes and ideas can be great.

8. Don’t be late –  you start at 9am and your arriving at 8.55am then in my books your classified as late. Aim to arrive to work 10/15 minutes before you start so you can get settled and organised for the day.

9. If your tired don’t say – we all get our tired days and we all have days were we are lazier than others but people don’t need to know especially when you’ve only just started the job.

10. Find out the do’s and don’t – each company has different do’s and don’t, most of them you will pick up along the way but try asking your collegues about some of them e.g. tea breaks, smoke breaks etc.

There are lots more that I could write about but enough is enough 😉 if you want to read a bit more about my job and me you can find it My First Blog Post – About me

As always I hope you enjoyed this blog post and keep your eye out for others. 😀








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