I know everyone has different ideas when it comes to fashion but for me I am 100% a classic look kinda person.

Fast fashion just doesn’t do it for me! Some of the fast fashion pieces I buy I love at the time but end up bringing them back or else I don’t wear them (ever) so now I have learnt to just not buy them.

So moving on I am going to share with you all my wardrobe key pieces – I believe in buying quality over quantity.

First up at the top of my list is a White Shirt – you cannot beat a crisp white shirt. If an outfit isn’t working for me I just add the white shirt and there we have it…sorted lol

Black, Tan & Navy Bags (Big & small/clutch versions) – There colours are classic so will never date – try to stay to classic shapes as well instead of the shapes that are ‘on trend’ this season. Don’t be afraid to invest in these pieces if you choose classic shapes as they will last you a lifetime if your buying good quality.

A Warm Winter Coat – ideally Down filled and of good quality. You can pick up great value winter coats at the minute from T.K Maxx online here or in store.

A Trench coat – my opinion the best colour is beige/camel. It will go with black, navy, white or denim and will instantly make your outfit more dressy.


Comfortable Leather Shoes/ Boots – footwear is extremely important to me. Buying cheap shoes are only going to make a mess of your feet with blisters etc. I stopped buying cheap shoes about 4 years ago and the difference is amazing. I buy less because they are lasting longer and they are sooo much more comfortable. 

Navy & Black Jeans – I very rarely buy denim coloured jeans unless it’s a dark blue denim. Personally navy is my black and I love it. There is something so timeless and effortless about navy and black. Own a good pair of jeans, ones that aren’t going to go baggy at the knees or bum.

Little Black Dress – It took me years to find the perfect one although my still was evolving at that stage. I found mine LBD in Ted Baker and I love it. It will never date and unless my shape changes it will last me forever.

Wool Jumpers – I know it is tempting to buy cheaper jumpers but lets face it they don’t keep the warmth in like wool does. I have bought jumpers previously from high street stores and they have offered very little heat compared to wool. A few years ago I to buy wool or cashmere – you don’t have to spend a fortune. I usually just pick mine up in the sales at half price. A great place for warm jumpers is Jack Wills – they do a great sale around January for all things knitwear.

Nude & Black Heeled Pumps – It can be quite hard finding a nice pair of Nude pumps, I’m not necessarily talking about the shape more the colour of the nude. Black is easier  – I always choose.

If you are anything like me and don’t particularly like the ‘fast fashion’ of the high street, investing in some of the above things can help you keep on track to a timeless effortless wardrobe that can be worn year after year.

I could add a lot more to the list but then it wouldn’t be my key pieces 😉

I hope you enjoyed reading



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