Make- up kinda scares me…

I can do my foundation, mascara and some minimal eyeshadow but anything after that just scares me lol. I think what stops me from doing more is the fear of looking silly e.g. putting blusher on and looking like a clown 😉

Slowly but surely I am adding bits to my make up collection to change it up a bit – maybe I should get myself a make up lesson or two. 😉

So on to my mini MAC haul… 😀

My new purchases

I changed my foundation to MAC around a month ago after getting fed up with Esteé Lauder’s Double Wear. When I changed foundations I chose MAC Studio Fluid Fix as I heard it had similar characteristics to the Double Wear (Good coverage is my number 1 need in a foundation). You can read about what I thought here.

My first bottle of the foundation is almost finished so I popped into MAC in Castlecourt, Belfast to get a refill and with the idea of getting a powder whilst there.

I chose the same colour of foundation again which is NW15 – next time though I may choose a lighter shade.

If you read my previous blog post on MAC you will see that I mentioned getting a pump for the foundation bottle so this time I picked one up and my goodness such a difference. If you aren’t using a pump with your MAC foundation you seriously need to get one – its so much easier than just pouring it out.

Next item I picked up whilst there was the Studio Fix powder in shade NW20. I’m not totally sold on this – I think mainly because it darkens my make up too much. I do think this would be good on its own if you didn’t want your make up as heavy as other days as it has good coverage. I’m going to keep experimenting and see what I can do with it.

Lastly from my mini haul is my first MAC lipstick in the colour Modesty. I wanted something with a little bit more colour than the usual nude colours I wear. I would love to wear shades with a lot more colour but I just don’t feel confident enough that I suit them to wear them. I always put them on and within 20 minutes I’ve rubbed it off and went back to nude. I know Modesty isn’t exactly adventurous and is still pretty nude but I am hoping it will start my build up to more adventurous colours 😉

With the few products I have tried from MAC now I am really starting to like them and their pricing is great and definitely affordable which is great.

If any of you are thinking of trying them I suggest you give them a go – I’m glad that I did and I think I’ll be sticking with this brand for a while 😀

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it





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