Happy New Year everyone. My first blog post of 2017 and I am so excited to get back into things. WordPress has shown me its been 20 days from I last blogged… (oops).

Christmas is my busiest time of year in work, it is literally 31 days of living in black clothes, 10+ hours a day and serving as many customers as we can get to in the 7 days of the week. It’s great that we are so busy it just means that it makes it a little harder to get round to blogging so it has to go on the back burner.

I was thinking over Christmas what my first blog post should be about and I kept thinking about sharing what I hope to get out of 2017 so here it is. I’m not one for resolutions like hitting the gym, new year new me etc ha so this is the alternative. So instead of resolutions I am here to share with you my hopes and dreams for 2017.

I have been a little hold offish on doing this post because I am aware that more and more people are reading my blog and there are more and more of those who know me personally who are reading this and I still have a little hesitating when it comes to blogging – you can read about my hesistation about blogging here: The hesitation of blogging.

Sharing my hopes and dreams of 2017 with you all will put a little more pressure on me to make sure that I keep up with it all and I hope to check back at the end of the year with you all to see what I have and haven’t achieved. (361 days to go) I’m not going to get to hung up on the things I don’t do but I’m going to give it all a go!!

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
C.S. Lewis

This year it is going to me about me, not in a vain way but whatever I do is going to be what I want and what is best for me and what makes me happy.

So I was thinking how am I going to to start this so I thought I would separate my life into what matters the most to me and they are Travelling, Friendships/Family, My job/career, Me Time

So lets do this… 😀



Travel has to be one of the most important things in my life. I find it very hard to switch off from work, even if the working day is over I am still thinking about things. Travelling allows me to switch off, once I’m out of the country I know there is nothing more I can do until I get back – its like my sanctuary.

My mum has always encouraged travelling and still loves to take us away and urges us to go away.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

I usually end up travelling America but this year I want to take my holidays closer to home this year and see more of Europe. I have 2 ski trips planned in January & February but after that I’m open to ideas but some of the places I would love to visit this year are:

  • Prague
  • Ibiza
  • Copenhagen
  • Dubrovnik

I’ll make sure to blog wherever I decide to go!!


Sometimes with the unsociable hours that my job entails it can be hard for me to meet up with friends and family. When they are off at the weekend I am at work and its swings about but you just work with it.

This year I want to focus more on making more time for those I care about and take them time off when something fun is happening instead of being too committed to my job. I believe right now I have the friends I alway want to be around, it has taken me a few years to get here but I truly have great friends who are then when I need them and even those I haven’t spoken to for months on end are there any time I need them. It can be difficult to find true friendship but it is up to you to decide who you need and who you don’t.

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”

― Muhammad Ali

This year I am going to:

  • Agree to more days out/away
  • Improve on keeping in touch with those most important to me – I am a TOTAL disaster :/
  • Celebrate each milestone no matter how big or small
  • Make more time to spend with them all

Me Time

Sometimes I forget to put me first, its always work first then me and before I know it I’ve burnt myself out – I’m too tired to be nice, ill and needing a day or 2 to recoup and get back to myself. I generally work 7 days a week mainly because I have to (and I don’t mind) but sometimes I just crave a day off to get away from everything.

I want to prioritise the things that I love to do – I feel like I just warp myself in work and thats all I find myself doing most days. I just don’t make time for life and I know thats bad but I have made my work my life and its hard to get out of it but in 2017 I am going to work on getting out of the rut.


So what do I plan on doing with my ‘Me Time’

  • Play my piano more often
  • Read more
  • Spend less time on my phone/social media
  • Blog more and more consistently
  • Healthier eating
  • Take more walks
  • Stop worrying/fretting and keep repeating whats done is done
  • Give myself a break – sometimes I am too hard on myself
  • Learn something new
  • Build on my confidence
  • Learn to take better pictures for blogging
  • Be more sociable

If I can think of any more I will add them as the year goes along…

My Job/Career

Some think what I do is just a job but for me its is my career. I work in our family business – I do everything from wages to serving customers and everything in-inbetween. Most of the time I love what I do but I am not totally sure it is what I want to do for the rest of my working life.

If I am totally honest I love my job and I can’t imagine me doing anything else but in the back of my mind I know I don’t want to do it forever. How confusing is that!!

I am very particular about my job and I would consider myself to be good and efficient at what I do but it is hard and it does come with unsociable and gruelling hours. Its ok for now to contend with it all but I’m not sure I could sustain it forever. I really only want to work for myself so I am trying to find something of interest of me that I would like to delve into.

So within work this year I want to:

  • Work on my weaknesses – one of them being: To get better at dealing with complaints, I’ll be totally honest there aren’t so many but I take them personally because our business is like my baby and I know I shouldn’t take it personally but it is something I am going to work on.
  • Sometimes I avoid thing in work that I’m not very good at but this year I am going to meet them head on.
  • Raise standards further and keep consistent
  • Learn more about my industry and building on it – its up to me to grow it
  • Give myself a break on the things that aren’t overly important
  • Learn to be less uptight about things and just go with it (obviously this won’t work all the time but when the time and situation is right)
  • Have more confidence with customers and don’t be so afraid/intimidated – sometimes I am afraid of them complaining before they even do (weird I know). I also need to remember its OUR family business and I shouldn’t be intimidated by anyone.



So there we have it… My hopes & dreams for 2017, all written down and shared with you all. Now all I have to do is remember them 😉

I hope you all have a fantastic year ahead of you and make the most of every opportunity that arises in front of you.

I am going to make the most out of every day and I hope you do too and don’t forget that your as good as the person sitting beside you, you just have to do whats right for you!!

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
– Albert Einstein











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