Hey everyone and welcome to my latest blog post on my Belfast Shopping Haul!

Over the past few years I have learnt to buy quality over quantity and looking for those all time investment pieces to add to my wardrobe. I will be the first to admit that I have expensive taste, but I very rarely buy things spontaneously. I like to buy sensibly and buy things I will actually wear and use.

So on today (Tuesday) I had a day of so mum suggested we go to Belfast to get away for the day! She didn’t have to ask me twice 😀

Off my mum, my auntie (mums sister) and I went this afternoon to Belfast. We didn’t get down to late afternoon but we sure made the most of it and got some lovely things.

I headed off to MAC for my first shop – It is only recently I have been getting interested in MAC products because of a foundation I bought in the airport but so far I’m impressed and I keep going back! My main reason for visiting was that the foundation I had was a shade too dark and I wanted to pick up the lighter version (I wear Studio Fix: Read my review: here ). A lovely guy helped me with everything today – he matched up my foundation and applied it all over to show me to see if I liked it (major brownie points), he then finished my face off with some bronzer, blush and highlight and what a beautiful job he did! I couldn’t stop looking at my face all day! 😀 So needless to say I bought the majority of products he applied as I just loved it so much – hopefully I can recreate it! ha.


The main reason for the visit was to change my foundation shade which I did. I went from NW 15 to NW13! Soooo much better – I can now stop looking like an oompa loompa!! 😉 To go with my new foundation I also picked up a new foundation brush – I didn’t intend on spending so much on a brush :O but if its good I won’t mind in the end!! How can a brush cost more than a whole bottle of foundation lol! The brush I picked up is the 170

Next: I decided to go for was the blusher he applied – I am so afraid of blusher incase I make myself look like a clown but I really loved this subtle peachy colour! I got shade MELBA.

Next up I chose a concealer – Pro Longwear in shade NW15. I’m not a big fan of concealers mainly because I’m not sure what to do with them but I can see the benefit of them when they are used so I am going to make it my mission to figure it out! ha

Onto the last product for the day which is a powder to finish my makeup! The guy today just ran this lightly over my face to set it I think! It is called Mineralize Skinfinish Natural – in shade Light Plus

So there you have my MAC haul for the day and that was only the first shop I went into – I’m just hoping I can do all of these products justice on my face!

Now onto the Fashion. I popped into Zara for a look but decided not to go past the first few rails.

  1. I don’t need any more clothes
  2. I would end up buying something I didn’t really want in the first place
  3. The place was so messy from everyone picking through all the sales rails.

I was being strong with this shopping carry on; although usually when I know there is nothing I want or need and I know I shouldn’t buy anything I can usually refrain myself. 😀

We headed of to Victoria Square for a look around – my auntie got some nice shoes in Dune in the sale whilst all of my purchases and my mums were made in House of Fraser’s sale (we only went in for coffee stop!)

My first purchase which I didn’t actually buy if that makes sense were these beautiful Moda In Pelle gloves! They are fleeced with little studs and faux fur cuffs! Mum bought me these because she has been looking navy gloves for me for 3 years (and I’m not joking about the 3 years) but I just couldn’t seem to find a pair that I liked. She was adamant she was buying them because she spent so long searching for them! ha


I really love them and navy is my go to colour so I will get lots of use out of these and they are so stylish – I just love them!

My next purchase was spontaneous! Something I probably won’t wear but I am going to make a point to wear it! (Please excuse the picture – it wasn’t easy to get a flattering angle). I love hats and I suit them if you see me in person rather than the awkward looking selfie below and I love this style I just forget to wear it but I am leaving this one out of my wardrobe to remind me to wear it 😀 It was a total bargain; its by HOBBS and was originally around £45 reduced to £26 and its 100% wool!! Bargain!!


Now onto my last purchase (I think I did rather well today!)

This item is unbelievable and what a bargain I got it for!! I am so pleased I took it home because I did hmmm and ahhh over it but I thought frig it just buy it! I wish you could all smell it and feel it!! The leather is soooo soft and the colour and overall jacket will only get better with age! The colour couldn’t be more on point either to go with everything in my wardrobe!! I can’t wait to get wearing it! :D. The jacket is by a brand OUI and I got it 50% off!!!! It was over £350 at full price – I didn’t buy it because of the discount, I bought it because of the feel, fit and colour – I didn’t need to think this purchase through as I knew it was a true investment piece when I saw it and it was the last one…yipee!! P.S on the House of Fraser website the jacket is still full price so I most definitely got a bargain!!

I hope you enjoyed my shopping haul and hopefully you all got some lovely bits in the sale!!