Hey everyone,

Welcome to my latest blog post; I decided today I would quickly review the Sketcher Trainers I bought for work just before Christmas (you may have seen them on my Facebook) Maybe you find yourself in the same shoe situation as me and this could be of some use to you 😀

As some of you may know from previous blog posts that I work in our family bar/restaurant and I do A LOT of walking (my Fitbit tells me I do an average of 45 miles per week) so I am always on the lookout for comfortable black shoes for my work and it is NOT easy.

I wear trainers as I find they are the most comfortable option but it is really difficult to get an all black pair that are in some way stylish whilst being comfortable and not crazy expensive. My go to brand is usually Nike but I was running out of options in my local shopping centre (Rushmere, Craigavon) so I decided to give Sketchers a go for a change.

Below are the trainers I bought – they are the Lite Weight, memory foam insole, Flex Appeal version which cost around £57 (not bad for trainers)

I decided on these after trying on about 5 different versions of trainers and shoes but found these to be the most comfortable at the time.

So now onto my review…

I have been wearing them to work now for around one month for approx 12 hours per day so I have really put them to the test 😉

They are a comfortable trainer but personally I don’t think they have the same comfort as Nike. I found when I first started wearing them my feet and legs were tired by the end of the day but I haven’t found that as much lately.

They are Lite-Weight like they state which is great because there is nothing I hate more than heavy shoes. 😀

They are stylish (for black trainers) and they aren’t bulky which is great if you wear skinny jeans like me to work.

They wipe clean easily and are durable – so far no signs of wear and tear on the top; the sole is holding up well with very little noticeable wear (this is good considering I have done approx 180 miles in them so far).

The memory foam has become a little flattened although I don’t think it is a bad point that the memory foam isn’t as plump as I think it makes the trainer more comfortable.

Overall I found them to be a good trainer for my work although I wouldn’t choose them over Nike solely because of the comfort factor and when you are on your feet all day its very important to be comfortable. I think they would be a good trainer if you wanted to use them for walking, as a form of exercise. They are affordable but personally I wouldn’t pay any more than I did because I just don’t think they would be worth the money.

If I find myself in the same situation again not being able to find a pair of trainers I would rebuy these but they wouldn’t be my first choice.

However I would buy them in a different colour if I wanted them for a different purpose as I think they would be great if I wasn’t doing as much walking in a short space of time.

Hopefully my review will help at least one of you 😉

This isn’t an ad – I bought the trainers myself for work and wanted to give you an overview of what I thought of them.

Thanks for reading 😀







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