Hey everyone,

I thought I would share with you my favourite books of 2016. Fiction romance/fun novels are my favourite genre to read although sometimes I will read other genres if they have been recommended to me. I like that fiction books are easy to read and don’t require too much effort. I find it relaxing to read so I don’t want a book that makes me overthink.

I also never read the back of a book as I feel it gives the story away, I prefer to open the book not knowing what’s ahead.


The Girl Who Came Back – Susan Lewis

Wow just wow, this book took many turns of events that I didn’t see coming. For me it was a total page turner, I had to force myself to stop reading or I would have been up all night! It is full of happiness, suspense and heart ache.

A Life Without You – Katie Marsh

A lovely easy read about how family is everything even if it has been a rough journey.  It made me smile, it made me sad but I would read it all over again.

A Summer Fling – Milly Johnson

Oh how we all need a boss like Christie. I love how this story develops from 5 ladies who work together but don’t talk to eachother to 5 ladies who can’t live without each other. If only everyone had these relationships at work!

The Rescue – Nicholas Sparks

I just love a book by Nicholas Sparks, I get totally engrossed in his books and can’t put them down. Each one with such a unique story! It is amazing how love can bloom from totally unexpected circumstances.

True Believer – Nicholas Sparks

This book took me awhile to get into and I almost gave up on it but I am so glad I didn’t. It shows no matter how much you ignore love it will eventually catch up with you no matter how hard you fight it! (Don’t let the alien story line put you off)

The Years Of Loving You – Ella Harper

What a love story!! 2 people who meet when they are teenagers fall in love but go their separate ways. It makes you want to cry, laugh and believe in hope! A beautiful book with a beautiful journey!

The Girl On The Train – Paula Hawkins

I loved this book, although I felt it required more concentration than I would usually like for in a book but it was a great read. Lots of twists and turns throughout with an almost real truth on how life can turn out if you get too involved! I’m glad I read the book before the movie as I found the movie to be long and drawn out!


This next book I read a few years ago but I never stop thinking about it! It is my all time favourite and I recommend it to everyone that asks me about books.

The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year – Sue Townsend

This book is cracker – I have never laugh out loud so much at a book before!! It is so witty and quick! Eva gets into bed and doesn’t get out of it for a year as it says in the title and the stories that follow that year are out loud funny!! Well worth a read even if you aren’t into fiction. My top favourite and it was also the only book my mum has read start to finish (she never ever finishes a book)


So there we have it; a roundup of my favourite books of 2016 and an extra one threw in to mix it up. I know most of these books have been out longer than 2016 but I just love to read anything that catches my eye. I usually read whilst on holiday but I want to do more reading at home in 2017 and if you read My 2017 hopes & dreams you will see that reading is one of my aims.

Hopefully this list will give you some help if you’re trying to choose your next book at the minute or are coming to an end of another. Most of them are light hearted with a  good love story to get carried away with.

If any of you have any suggestions for books, comment on my Facebook page and let me know or if you have read some of the above comment and let me know what you thought of them 😀

Thanks for reading  😀





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