Hey everyone,

I hope you’re all having a lovely Friday!!

I have decided I want to get into the habit of writing and publishing more consistently on my blog; so I have literally just set myself the challenge of having blog posts ready for you all to read on: Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Friday’s. So as part of the challenge I have set myself: I have decided I am going to write a Friday Five post each Friday (obvs 😉 with a different angle each time – they will be anything from what I bought to what I am feeling! Now that I have shared with you all that I have set myself this challenge it is likely that I will see it through 😀

I hope you all enjoy what you read and if there is anything you would like to see on the blog please let me know!!

As you can see from the heading, my first Friday Five is all about My 5 favourite purchases of the week so let’s get to it!!


1. I will start with my absolute favourite purchase and it was a TOTAL bargain!! It is this Ralph Lauren Tote in the shade Ballerina Slipper (baby pink). I found the bag in TK Maxx as I was walking to the homeware section and spotted them with a yellow sticker (if you shop in TK Maxx as often as I do, you will know this means clearence) so of course I had to take a look!! They were down from TK Maxx Price of £99 to £20!!!!! I still can’t believe it!! LOL


2. Another purchase from TK Maxx was this silver box, it was handmade in India and is just beautiful! I haven’t found a use for it yet but I know if I didn’t buy it I would have regretted it!!

3. This next one you might be thinking what is this all about 😉 Well this is ginger – not terribly exciting but I’ll explain all now. My mum and I have been blessed with a dodgy hip each – same side and everything! She has more trouble with hers than I do mine but she has recently starting drinking ginger and lemon each morning to help with the pains (she found the idea on Pinterest). She now swears by it and has even stopped with pain meds; so I made it a point to get myself some and give it a go!


4. Next up are these makeup brushes – I’m going to put them as one favourite because I can’t single one out as my favourite! I have started to get a lot more into makeup and trying to make an effort and people have been noticing! So I have slowly but surely been adding to my collection and on expanding it, I wanted to buy some decent brushes to apply all this make up with (you can see my makeup collection expanding here & here). These brushes are so soft and weren’t overly expensive either which is great!


5. Technically I bought this one last week but I had to put it in here as I just love it! You might have seen it last week in my My Belfast Shopping Haul post! I wish you could feel it, it is so unbelievably soft and I just know when the weather warms up it is going to be my go to jacket!!

Jacket: Oui Clothing (House of Fraser)

So there we have it my first Friday Five in the series!! I hope you enjoyed reading my post and come back next Friday for a new one 😀

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!


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