Happy Friday,

I hope you are all about to start your weekend on a happy note! I sure am because today is my last shift before I go skiing in the morning (hence this post) 😉

I absolutely LOVE skiing and if you haven’t tried it, you seriously need to put it on your to-do list! We first went skiing about 17 years ago and I have only missed one year so far, so I’m a pretty good skier although I do take a lesson every now and again as it doesn’t take long to pick up bad habits!


My Friday Five this week is about my 5 essentials for skiing – apart from the obvious jacket and celopets. My ski wear is a mixture of Trespass, The North Face, Roxy & Spyder – they don’t have to be expensive but don’t just buy for the ‘fashion’ as sometimes you can end up looking great but freezing cold and I know I would rather be warm 😉

Helmet – This is my most important item, it is the first thing I put in my suitcase. I started to wear a helmet around 10 years ago (when it was still ‘uncool’) and now I feel weird/unsafe if I ski without it! Even if its your first time skiing you don’t need to buy one but make sure to hire one when you get to your resort.

Layers – I wear 3 layers under my jacket when I ski in January & February; March gets a little warm so I ditch 1 or 2 layers. Good layers are essential to keep warm, make sure your first layer is nice and snug to keep your body heat in! You don’t have to spend a lot on layers, most of my base layers are Trespass and are great.

Gloves – Obviously it would be pretty cold if you were to ski without gloves 😉 but this essential for me is all about having really good gloves! I have had my fair share of bad gloves but through trial and error I’ve had some great pairs over the years. A few years ago I found a pair of The North Face gloves for a bargain and I haven’t looked back! You can totally notice the difference not just in the quality but in the warmth as well, my gloves aren’t overly thick so don’t be put of by thinness.

Goggles – It was only 2 years ago I invested in good goggles! They didn’t cost a fortune but they weren’t cheap either but they match my ski outfit 😉 (if you check back next week you’ll see what I mean). The goggles I bought are mirrored and are fantastic, I now don’t need to worry about bringing sunglasses because these do everything and they keep your face nice and warm 😀 My advice is always pick mirrored and you won’t look back!

SPF 30+ – I learn’t the hard way when I didn’t bring suncream! I got super burnt (there was no sun so don’t be fooled) on my cheeks, I mean blisters and everything! I was only a teenager at the time and going through some teenager confidence issue and this most certainly didn’t help LOL!! I say factor 30+ because you have to remember the UV rays are coming down on you and also reflecting off the snow so be super careful!!


There we have it, my 5 skiing essentials! It has taken me years to find the right kit so hopefully this post will help you avoid my mistakes but as Bram Stoker stated “We learn from failure “.

As always I hope you enjoyed reading my post, let me know what you think by commenting! If you have any essentials let me know as well – I might be missing something from my case 😉





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