In July 2016… I GRADUATED – this to date is my proudest moment!

In 2009 I started Belfast Met, I studied my A-Levels there; I failed 2 and came away with a B-TEC equivalent to 1 A-Level. There went any chance of university or so I thought…

I done some research and found a part-time HNC Business Studies course through Southern Regional College, which allowed me to apply with limited qualifications if I had the relevant experience. If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that my family own a bar, restaurant & off licence which qualified me for the course! Thankfully



2 years part time at the HNC I got a Merit, which then allowed me to progress through to degree-link programme (still with SRC only in affiliation with University of Ulster).

I never intended to go on to complete the degree, my aim was to finish the HNC and then progress onto a level 4 management course, however I received a letter in the post inviting me to the degree link programme so I decided to give it a go (along with my friends persuasion)

A further 3 years and I completed it! Me the girl without sufficient qualifications to get into uni full time had completed a degree only through attending part-time – who’d have thought it, certainly not me 😀

Jordyn Graduation.jpg

Although I had walked out of my last class at the start of May 2016 knowing that I had finished, the wait continued to find out my results! I’m not going to lie; I checked my online portal everyday about 3 times a day in anticipation of the results! Finally in came the results…and I had passed, not with a 2:2 like I had aimed for at the start of the 3 years (which I would have been happy with) but with a 2:1!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes; I was ecstatic to say this least! In that moment I was so proud of myself not just for getting a 2:1 but also for the commitment and dedication that had got me the result that I believed to have deserved!!

After the results it was only a week or so to the graduation and I couldn’t wait! The 2:1 put a spring in my step to get on that stage and accept my degree with pride! The day arrived quickly; preparations began first thing that morning and we were ready to go! I was a total pack of nerves but beaming with pride for what I had achieved – to date this was my proudest moment!

We had a great day at the graduation; it was over in a flash! My recommendation to anyone is to make sure and take time to enjoy it! Get there early and make the most of it, the ceremony itself is pretty… lets say boring 😉 but the rest is there to be enjoyed no matter what grade of degree you received!

Remember there is a way round every obstacle you face you just have to look for the opportunities that are available to you and take the small steps towards success!

I am a great believer of if you work hard you can have anything you want!!


So there we have it – my proudest moment to date was graduating with a 2:1 in Business Studies through University of Ulster with little to no qualifications! I hope you enjoyed reading – if you have been through the same/similar comment and let me know.




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