I didn’t know what to call this post but just as I am writing this sentence it came to me… It’s my new favourite!!

Around 7 years ago I swapped drugstore makeup for higher end brands mainly because my breakouts were horrific and I need a full coverage!

My new make up purchase was made quickly, with very little thought and a what the hell attitude!

Onto my new favourite is the Maybeline New York Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation. I am no beauty expert but this is pretty good in my opinion. I came across it last week when I was looking a cheap foundation for this weeks skiing holiday! Something that’s isn’t too expensive because it only gets rubbed off through the day etc when skiing. I came across the Fit Me foundation at £5.99 in Superdrug… yes only £5.99 so I thought that’s cheap enough I’ll give it a go…



Well I am so glad I decided to choose it! The coverage, the finish, the staying power, everything is great!! I have come off the ski slopes 2 days in a row with my makeup fully in tact! I couldn’t believe it! It says on the package that it gives a poreless finish and it really does!

I am so impressed with this product right now. For the price this foundation is spot on, the only down side I found was that it made my skin look dried out but then again I have been spending all day outside at low temperatures and it is a matte finish!

If you need a new foundation or maybe only want a cheap foundation for odd occasions then this is for you! There are lots of colours to choose from and at that price if you don’t use it then what odds!

Sometimes the best purchases are made on a whim 😉

As always I hope you enjoyed reading, if you have any go to foundations like this let me know by commenting 😀




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