Good evening everyone,

Sorry this post is late this week, all the days ran into each other this week. Tonights post is about my recent skiing trip to Livigno, Italy.

I was in Livigno around 10 years ago skiing with my family and loved it, so when the opportunity came up again I said why not. At the start I think there was only 15-20 people going on the trip but it ended up there was 44 in total.

We flew from Dublin to Milan (Bergamo) with Ryanair, we got cheap flight prices at the time so we decided to book everything individually instead of going with a ski company (to be fair tho, I think it ended up a similar price anyway regardless of what way we did it.)

We hired a private bus to bring us to Livigno (5 hour trip) – if there aren’t enough of you going you can get a shuttle bus from the airport which I think costs around £45 return which isn’t too bad or taxis are around £300 each way.

Our first day when I took a moment to myself to take in the stunning view
Our group was split up into 2 different hotels – 1 called The Intermonti and the other was the Garni Gimea. I stayed at The Intermonti – it’s a really lovely hotel, with a nice bar and reception area and the rooms were really well equipped too (a big plus for me was a really powerful shower lol) We were half board at The Intermonti so we had some great food and didn’t need to look for somewhere to eat each night which is a total bonus 🙂

The first day getting out to the slopes is always the longest, as everyone needs sorted with skis etc. I have my own set of skis and boots so it’s easier for me. The other 35+ people who needed skis and boots rented theirs from Sport 3000 beside Carosello 3000 gondola. They are really reasonable for their kit – approx £60 for basic skis and boots which is great value and if you want to upgrade to a higher standard it was only £20 more. Sport 3000 allowed those of us who weren’t renting anything to leave our skis there which was a bonus. Our first day skiing was good but not great because their wasn’t much snow but we made the most of it. After skiing we made sure to make the most of the apres ski bar – some nights we forgot to get changed out of our ski gear 😉

The skiing this time wasn’t great because of the weather and how little snow there actually was. For some of us it was the worst skiing we had ever had which wasn’t so bad since a lot of us have been skiing for over 15 years. We made the most of what we had and got on with it!

The weather certainly changed on the second day – but the view is still stunning. No filter was used.
On the Tuesday night there was some carrying on and I managed to fall and hurt my knee and ankle. I actually thought my knee was the worst off but as the night and next morning progress, I could hardly move my ankle. So Wednesday morning my mum insisted that I get it look at over in the Trauma clinic instead of waiting to I came home. So we jumped on the bus to take us to the Trauma clinic in the middle of the town which ended up being the wrong bus, by this time I was panicking about the damage done to my leg, slightly hungover :/ and tired. Then my mum said ‘knowing your luck you’ll have to have an operation’, I then started to feel sick and felt like I was going to faint, the bus stopped, I stepped out and the next thing I know I am lying on the ground coming round after fainting with an ambulance on the way. After waiting 30 minutes for an ambulance they brought me to the public hospital, got me sorted with x-rays etc and diagnosed my ankle and knee as having damaged ligament and I needed 15 days on crutches HA – thank goodness it wasn’t broken!!


It wasn’t bad enough that I was lying on the ground after fainting in front of 50 people and buses pulling up every 10 minute but my mum had to take photos lol
I managed to ski on the Thursday because my boot gave me plenty of support but I give the skiing a miss on the Friday mainly because the weather was so bad and so much snow had fell that it would make skiing that bit more difficult or I probably would have skied more.

I had such a great week away skiing with everyone – all of the group were lovely and made me feel included in everything they did! Its very rare you get that with a whole group of people.

As I said above we didn’t eat out much because we were half board but there are some really good restaurants over the resort and on the mountains when you are skiing.

The restaurants we used on the mountain where – all can be found if you type them into Google with Livigno at the end:

  • The Tea Bourg
  • The Mountain Restaurant
  • The Pasta House
  • Costaccia

We ate in a few restaurants in the town which were:

  • The Sporting – our FAV by far, they do the best pizza and pasta
  • The Alpen Hotel
  • Bellavista – I didn’t eat here but everyone said it was unreal.

If you would like to find somewhere new to go skiing then Livigno is a great choice. The town is great with lots of shopping so if you don’t fancy skiing you can make use of the duty free shopping – we sure did 😀 There is also a water-park near by where you can use your lift pass to get an hour free.


It may take 4/5 hours to get to but the skiing is fantastic when the weather is good and the crack is definitely great especially with such a big group like ours!

Definitely look into Livigno as a ski destination option – you won’t be disappointed. The only thing I didn’t get to do on the trip was a tandem para-glide over the mountains because of the weather but definitely next time I will be doing it. If you need ski equipment don’t forget to check out Sport 3000, I’ll tag them in my Facebook blog post for you to find them!


Thanks again for reading and if you have any other resort suggestions please send them my way 😀



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