Happy Monday everyone, I hope it hasn’t been too bad 😉

I actually don’t dislike Mondays, for me it’s just another day as I don’t get weekends of because of the nature of my job. My Mondays are generally pretty good because I can choose what time to go into work and when to leave because it’s paper work day; the quicker I work the quicker I can leave 😀

I’ll be totally honest – I couldn’t really think of what to write today :/ I either have something to write about that needs some more research or others that I don’t think you would like to read about so if there is anything that you would like me to write about please do let me know by commenting here or over on my Facebook page (link at the end)

So today after much debating I thought I would share with you what is on my shopping wishlist. Most of the time I can’t find anything I like in the shops and then a few weeks later as if by magic I see everything in one burst. I don’t buy everything I see but I put it on a wishlist and go from there. I don’t shop online as 95% of the stuff I buy online gets returned because it either doesn’t fit properly or doesn’t look anything like the picture.

The items below are a mixture of luxury and high street brands. I probably won’t purchase most of these items especially the luxury items but they are lovely to look at ;). So let’s get to it…

First up are these beautiful Sophia Webster ‘Lilco Sequin Adele’ Trainers. These popped up on my Facebook newsfeed last week and I cannot stop thinking about them but the £250 price tag is totally holding me back but how beautiful are they!! I am in total shoe love ❤

Next up is this New Look – Navy Gingham Peplum Top. I had actually ordered this last week and was due to pick it up tonight but they emailed me yesterday to tell me it was out of stock! 😦 To say I am gutted is an understatement lol – I just hope my local New Look has it in stock! It’s so lovely and only £19.99


Now for two items from a local boutique close to me that I really love – LilyRose Boutique, Moira. I absolutely love these two items, the shoes would be gorge in the summer and that jacket is WOW! I love the colours!!

From another boutique close to me: The Dressing RoomArmaghI just think this skirt is so lovely… Shall I, shan’t I? 😉


Last on my wishlist are these makeup brushes from Crown Brushes. I have been getting more interested in makeup recently and investing in more products so I thought I had better get some new/better brushes (I heard you need good brushes – maybe I’m wrong :s) At the SoSueMe Workshop last week (you can read more here) Suzanne recommended this Crown Brush set, but at £61 (which isn’t bad) they are going to have to stay on my wishlist a bit longer.516-1

So there we have it, that is everything on my wishlist at the minute which isn’t too bad! Ha! I may indulge and buy some of the items but I will restrain myself for a bit longer but I will let you all know over on my Facebook page if I do purchase anything 😉

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely week and if you find you’ve got a spare minute later in the week I will have a new blog posts live Wednesday & Friday at 7pm 😀





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