Happy Friday,

Welcome to my latest blog post in my Friday Five series 😀 I thought I would share with you all my 5 favourite TV and Netflix series, all of these I am totally obsessed with and watch season after season! 😀

1. Grace & Frankie – 26 episodes over 2 seasons and I laughed the whole way through! A fantastic watch if you enjoy comedies, I am patiently waiting on the next season due 5th May 2017.

2. Suits – I stumbled across this series and I am sooo glad I did! Harvey Specter <3<3 I love the story line and all the characters along with Megan Markles fab style! I got so obsessed with this series I couldn’t go to sleep at night :/

3. Nashville – When Nashville is on DO NOT disturb me! lol The music, the story lines the everything just has me! It makes me want to move to Nashville!! I have all the soundtrack albums and I even travelled to Manchester to see their Nashville Tour!! Fan girl over here!!! ha

4. Orange Is The New Black – Another fantastic series! I was hooked from episode 1, I am now waiting on season 4 and I am as hooked as I was at the start! Not for the faint hearted as there are some explicit scenes but it is definitely worth a watch!

5. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – I watch this almost every night on 5USA, every story line is totally different from the next! The characters are amazing, I just hope there are Police out there that have as much passion to help victims as the ones in Law & Order do.

So there we have it, my 5 favourite TV series right now. If you have any recommendations on what to watch please comment on here or over on my Facebook page 😀

Have lovely weekend & thanks for reading



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