Happy Hump day everyone and welcome to my latest blog post all about my latest New Look shoe haul! 🙂

When I was growing up I loved New Look for their heels and sandals but over the last 3/4 years I haven’t found anything I really liked until now…I went a bit mad this time and bought 4 pairs…oops! I had forgotten how comfortable New Look heels are and how reasonably priced – this made buying 4 pairs that little bit easier!! 😉 I never wear heels unless I am going out so lets see how long they stay in my cupboard until they are worn 🙈

These were all total impulse buys (they were all the last in my size too) but are so versatile with all my clothes that I just had to have them all! I would have also purchased a silver pair if my size had of been in stock – maybe the website will restock them 😉 I have added links for all the shoes so if you like any of them you can find them easier!


The first pair I tried on where these black ankle strap sandals – usually I stay away from these style of sandals as the strap always comes up too high on my ankle and cuts my legs off but these stay across the top of your foot so they are great for elongating legs. I’ve wanted a style like this for a while but have found it hard to get it.

The heel height is just perfect and they are very like the YSL Jane sandals.

You can shop them here



I’m not great at walking in heels, I usually prefer wedges but these next sandal I just had to have! 1. For the colour 2. The are unbelievably comfortable and lastly because the heel height is just perfect!

You can shop them here



I have total shoe love for these next pair! I’m not a huge fan of block heels or gold but I just couldn’t leave these behind!! ha! How beautiful will these sandals be with an all black outfit to jazz it up!! 🙂 When I buy shoes I want them to be comfortable because there is nothing worse that sore feet, I just know that I could dance the night away in these with no problems! If you don’t like the gold in them you can choose from 10 other colours!!

You can shop them here



Last up are the khaki version of the gold ones! I’m not as bothered about these ones as I am about the other 3 but I got them just in case! Better to have them than to regret them! Great heel height again and will go with so much as well! I love to buy clothes and shoes that will go with lots of things in my wardrobe!

You can shop them here


So there you have my latest shopping haul! Some lovely shoes in New Look stores and online at the moment! This post isn’t sponsored, I just wanted to show you what I bought and how comfortable they all are!!


I hope you all have a lovely evening and if you purchase any of these shoes let me know how you styled them 😀

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