Hey everyone,

I’ve made it to another Friday with a Friday Five post! Yay!! I’m glad I am sticking to my weekly publishing schedule, it gives me the motivation to keep going! I think we all need to set goals because if we don’t what do we aim/work towards?

I am off on my travels again this weekend to Austria to ski and I can’t wait so I thought I would share with you my 5 top travel tips. These 5 things I have picked up along my travels and some I have only learnt/started recently!



1. Medication – if your like me and from the UK you will know how cheap over the counter medication can be… You can pick up paracetamol in the UK for as little as 16p for 16 tablets. When I hurt my ankle in Italy last month (January) it cost €21 for around 16 ibuprofen tablets, it isn’t overly expensive but when you compare it to the price at home it is. So what I am saying is, buy the medication before you leave whether you think you’ll need it or not!

2. Excursions – if your going away and your trip involves excursions, I have found through trial and error that it is more expensive to book your excursions when you arrive! You have a lot more options for excursions and pricing when your at home on the internet than you do when you arrive as it is usually only the hotels rate and they are pressuring you.

3. Priority Security – Okay, an expense you don’t necessarily need but one that saves time and could save you the price of a missed flight if your running late! It is usually around £5 each way for priority security but I have found it a very worthwhile expense and makes travelling a bit less stressful!

4. Travel Insurance – Anyone that goes away without insurance is totally nuts! Medical bills abroad are so expensive that it doesn’t make sense not to purchase travel insurance for as little as £25 for a week. I use Insure & Go and I find them to very good and precise in their terms and conditions

5. Money – Obviously when your going away your going to have money but I mean getting currency before you leave rather than waiting until your destination to withdraw from an ATM.



So there we have it, my top 5 travel tips at the moment! I hope as always you enjoyed reading and maybe you picked up a tip or 2 😉

If you have any travel tips of your own, do send them my way! I love to pick up tips and tricks for travelling!




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