Happy Monday!

I’ve been speaking to a few people recently about skiing and a few of them mentioned that they had never been before and wouldn’t have the first idea of what to pack! So when I was packing last week I thought I would go through what I pack when I go skiing!

If it is your first time skiing you do not need to spend huge money on ski gear but you do want to be warm – if you don’t want to spend too much on kit try seeing if any of your friends have things you could borrow!

Trespass is a great shop for getting reasonably prices ski stuff, they will be able to get you all the essentials you will need.

To start you off you will need to buy/rent/borrow a ski jacket and celopets (trousers), I think goggles are an essential as well, lastly gloves and ski socks! You don’t need to buy a helmet but I would advise you to rent one when you get there!



My ski outfit – I have collected my pieces over the years and have had some pieces for almost 8 years.

Almost all of my kit was bought in TK Maxx over the years, they have great items each year including ski jackets & celopets at discounted prices which is great if its your first time skiing you don’t want to spend a fortune on clothing if you won’t use it again.


Next up after the main items you need are layers and as you can see I bring lots of layers with me! You never know what the weather is going to be like, one day the sun can be shining and others the wind would cut through you! Better to have too many layers on/withyou than to be looking for them I say! 🙂

Every day I would wear a vest, t-shirt and a fleece for my base layers! On colder days I would add a long sleeved top under my fleece! If you are learning to ski you probably won’t need as many layers the first few days because you’ll be warm from learning but as the week goes on and you get better and start to go higher up the mountain you will need more layers.

If you haven’t been skiing before try finding your layers in your wardrobe instead of buying them, it doesn’t have to be a fashion parade on the slopes, you just need to be warm!


You don’t need must after the essentials and layers but I like to have a neck warmer – it stops draughts as well 😉 Suncream is a must for me because even though the sun isn’t out their are still UV rays – I got my cheeks burnt to a crisp one year and the sun was nowhere to be seen, better safe that sorry I say! I also add an extra pair of gloves just incase I loose one of my other pair because they aren’t cheap to buy when your out there. I always bring sunglasses but very rarely wear them but its good to have them, I always wear my goggles even when the sun is out. Lastly are the jackets for over my base layers, you don’t necessarily need them but I like to wear them and they keep you warm in restaurants when your ski jacket is off.



So there you have, What to pack for skiing! If you include the above in your suitcase you won’t go too far wrong! I have been skiing for over 16 years and have rarely changed what I bring with me on each trip! If your going December to early March remember that it can be cooler in those months so make sure your clothes are warm. If your going March-April generally the climate is hotter so you can leave out some of the layers.

Don’t forget you don’t need to spend lots of money on kits, ask around before you buy things because lots of skiers have attics full surplus items!

If you have been skiing before and you have other items you bring when skiing please comment below and let me know, maybe its something I could use as well! 😀

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a lovely week!




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