Good evening everyone,

Welcome to my first blog post in 8 days… As some of you may have read in my – My 2017 hopes & dreams, I aimed at having a blog post for all of you to read every Monday, Wednesday & Friday! Well last week I slipped up; I missed Wednesday & Fridays posting days :/ Usually I would have posts scheduled in advance but it just didn’t work out,  I was on holiday last week and didn’t bring my laptop with me and the wifi was TERRIBLE for writing! So I apologise for the lack of posts but here goes another shot 😉


I spent all of last week feeling guilty that I hadn’t got a post to share with you all on the Wednesday & Friday – so bad so that I got myself into a rut yesterday that I couldn’t even be bothered to write! Now I didn’t write this post for sympathy, I just want to share real life with you all and from before I started my blog I wanted to share with you all my life and the things that go along with it!

Sunset from our cruise – Caribbean Sea

I was thinking yesterday about how I need to get up and get on with things! So I woke up today with a totally different frame of mind! I put on my big girl pants and told myself to get over it and to keep going! (Sometimes you just need brutally honest with yourself)

I want to share with you all how I have been feeling over the last few weeks… again not for sympathy but maybe to encourage those of you who are in a similar situation that it is OK!!

As quite a lot of you will know, I manage our family bar & restaurant (you can find out more about me here & here) along side running the business I started my blog properly last year! Whilst it still makes me nervous each time I publish a post, I really love to blog. I post daily on Facebook & Instagram (my handles are at the bottom).

Giant Causeway – North Coast

Over the last few weeks I felt everything building up…work was busy, I was racing against the clock to try and catch up on some blogging and have excess posts written and scheduled so I wouldn’t miss a day, my wisdom tooth got infected and finally (not all in the correct order 😉 )I hurt my ankle and knee whilst on a skiing holiday which resulted in me being on crutches for over a week! I felt like I was continuously on the go and getting nowhere and I had just had enough!

I became unmotivated, irritated with everyone/thing and fed up which is so unlike me! I’m usually full of life, energy and motivation! My work doesn’t give me the time to even get unmotivated but I got stuck so far into this state of mind that I considered taking some time away and I wasn’t just thinking about a week away! I fell out of love with my job and blogging.

Millennium Park, Chicago – The Bean

I think we all give ourselves too much to do on a daily basis and at the end of it we don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we get through each day!! I take for granted what I achieve each day, the problems I face, the workload I juggle – I forget there aren’t too many people my age working 50+ hours a week running a business of our size and blogging at the same time! Sometimes I need to be reminded of what I do each day, that not everyone could do it and that whilst I may be on autopilot most of the time, I should cut myself some slack! If I want a day off I should take it, if I’m feeling unmotivated or lazy then take it as it comes and know when to snap out of it, if I miss a blog post – I shouldn’t over think it, its probably only me that has noticed anyway 😉


We need to take a step back and put everything into prospective, look at how well we are dealing with life, that no matter what it throws at us we are here to fight it! We need to make sure we know what is important to us and what isn’t – to erase those things/people from our lives that are of no benefit to us as people and what we do! We need to learn that its ok to have these kinds of days and its ok not meet all of the targets that we set for ourselves and don’t beat ourselves over them!

Like my mum says there is no point crying over spilt milk 😀

I am a grate believer in what will be will be! I think we find ourselves in the positions we are in because it is where we are supposed to be at that time

I think everyone goes through these periods in their lives, if you go through it daily, monthly or your like me and its a 6 monthly melt down when I have started to forget how awesome I am doing then keep your head up and find your own way to get out of it! Take yourself away for the day by yourself, surround yourself with good people, spoil yourself, have some you time, a cuppa; anything that will help you bring you back to you and just remember that no matter how badly you think you are at getting through this thing called life your doing pretty damn good!!


So there we have it… a post I have wanted to write for weeks but couldn’t find the words until today and I bet I’ll look back at it in a weeks time and cringe on how I’ve written it or how much more I have to say… but it’ll have to do 😀

I hope you all enjoyed reading it and if you have gone through similar experiences I hope this can show you that your not alone! You can let me know what you think by commenting below or contacting me privately – all my contact details are above and my social media links are below!

I’ll see you tomorrow for another blog post if you fancy popping back to read it! 😀






3 thoughts on “Trying to do it all

  1. Hi I just came across your blog for first time and I really liked it I loved you for being honest with your self and yeah every one slips one or two posts no big deal loved your posts

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