Hey everyone,

Welcome to my latest blog post, I’ll keep it short since yesterdays post was pretty in-depth & personal! You can read it here if you missed it! 🙂

Recently my boyfriend moved into his first house – so obviously this called for some shopping! Yay my favourite thing 😉 Along the way I picked up bits and pieces but we took a few days out to get the majority of bigger items! New build houses aren’t very big so finding furniture to fit the rooms without it all looking squashed proved quite difficult – more difficult than we anticipated!

I’ll show you what we have almost completed with the rooms so far, there are just small touches to add but those will be done along the way 😀


Before Christmas we picked out his sofa, not as easy as I first thought! We headed off to the Boucher Road, Belfast with our first stop being DFS. We sat on every sofa we liked, walked round the place a dozen times then decided to try some other places before the decision was made! Back to DFS we went and picked a sofa! Yay! It fits the room perfectly and it totes comfy, was definitely a good decision! 🙂



Close up of the lamp – its such a fun design and if you get fed up of the shade you can swap it for another one in the ikea range!


Check out the chair below, I just couldn’t leave it behind! I’m pretty sure it’s a child chair & their was nowhere in the living room for it to go so instead of bringing it back we made a place for it lol! I think it looks cute were it is 😉 I found it & the fake plant in TK Maxx in Belfast City Centre.


Both these items were supposed to be for the living room but the lamp was too big and the table made the place look overcrowded so under the stairs it has gone, but it looks good all the same – just need a plug to put the lamp to good use now!


To finish off the hall we needed a mirror because really can you ever have enough mirrors? 😉 We picked up the pewter framed mirror in B&Q, Sprucefield.



I had a plan for the downstairs bathroom before the house was bought! I found the idea on Pinterest and hadn’t forgot about it. I thought it was so quirky to have your downstairs bathroom as a feature room if you like!

Please excuse the picture-less frames!


We had planned to get frameless mirrors for all the bathrooms but then my mum suggested getting framed mirrors and you know what I think it looks really good and adds the overall quirkiness of the bathroom


I don’t have a great picture of the bedroom so I thought I would share what I did have! How cool is this bedside lamp? It gives off an orange ambiance but you can get retro bulbs that shine brighter.


We literally bought Ikea out on the day we visited! Ha! The dresser and mirror below are both from Ikea and are bought separately! It is a great item to fill a space of this shape!



Last section of the house to be furnished was the kitchen/dining area! We searched around 10 stores for a table that was really nice but couldn’t see one! I suggested while in Ikea to have a look just to see what there was and wouldn’t you know we found one! Originally we were going to choose a wood effect look but I thought the black would stand out against the black & cream kitchen! I think the table looks great and is a perfect size for the kitchen/dining area as it doesn’t swallow up lots of space!


There are some other pieces we picked up along the way but haven’t found a place for them yet but I thought I would share them anyway 😀 The picture has since made its way onto the living room wall!

So there we have it! The house has come together nicely in such a short space of time, although I think there are still some things to pick up – don’t tell Kyle 😉 As I pick things up I will share them with you here & over on Facebook (my handle is below) and when everything is totally sorted I’ll take wider pictures of the rooms 😀

I hope you enjoyed my interiors haul! Something different going on in my life – I have loved picking up items here and there and thinking of where they can go! It doesn’t have to cost a lot to make a home lovely!

Thanks for reading




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