Hey everyone,

Welcome to a new Friday Five Post, I’m sorry if you checked last Friday and I didn’t have post up! I was away and wifi was poor and along with some other reasons. You can read about the other reasons here.

So inline with International Women’s Day, I thought I would write a Friday Five post on the Women who inspire me! I don’t think it even took 5 minutes for me to think of these 5 ladies and obviously there are more than 5 that inspire me daily but I’ll keep it to the 5 😀


She will probably kill me when she sees this but she is one incredible woman! Without her I wouldn’t have studied for my degree and I most certainly wouldn’t have passed it with the grade I did without her guidance! She is one of the smartest, kindest, caring and compassionate person I know! I’m not totally sure what I would do without her!!



Michelle Obama

What a lady!! It is only really over the last 2/3 years that I have really taken an interest in Michelle Obama, she is kind, wise and continuously supports young people and women! We need more women in the world like Michelle.

Some of my favourite quotes by Michelle Obama;

“Do not bring people in your life who weigh you down. And trust your instincts … good relationships feel good. They feel right. They don’t hurt. They’re not painful. That’s not just with somebody you want to marry, but it’s with the friends that you choose. It’s with the people you surround yourselves with.”

“Women in particular need to keep an eye on their physical and mental health, because if we’re scurrying to and from appointments and errands, we don’t have a lot of time to take care of ourselves. We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list.”

“Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered.”


My Mum

We work together almost everyday, we live in the same house, we shop together, we eat nearly all our meals together, she drives me mad at least once per day but I wouldn’t change her for the world. She is more kind than people give her credit (I often call her the new Mother Theresa), she is stronger than anyone I know, she has worked hard to get us were we are; she is wise, savvy and not to be messed with 😉 I hope if I have children I can have a relationship with them like I have with my mum!


Victoria Beckham

I know a lot of people don’t like this lady but if you look back at everything she has achieved over the last decade, it is pretty damn impressive! No matter what is thrown at her she comes up on top every time! From make-up to clothes she has got it covered! She inspires me as a mother and as a business woman, she proves that you can have it both (even if she does have some help 😉 ) She is an inspiration to young women to strive for what they want and don’t stop until they get it!


Retro Flame – Erika Fox

I have been following Retro Flame now for about 2 years and I always ask people if they follow her and if they don’t then I’m like well… you need to!! Erika is a fresh, inspiring and motivational person! She reminds me of me in the respect of working hard, she isn’t afraid of the long hours and hard work she has to put into her blog. I loved reading her posts but now I am totally loving her youtube channel – I watched all her vlogmas (secretly I was gutted when it ended) and now I am catching up on all her videos from Christmas 🙂 If I could grow my blog to half of Erika’s I would be so proud!!


Ok I can’t keep it to just 5… I’m sorry but this next lady needs a mention too!


Jill is my aunt, if we call her auntie Jill she cracks up, she has never liked it! My brother and I have a close relationship with her, when our dad died she helped our mum out a lot! Jill is a very kind and warm hearted person, she will do anything for anyone – all they have to do is ask! She is always there when you need her from doing your washing to shopping days out 😉 I’m lucky to have a close relationship with her as I know lots of people don’t have that luxury! She will probably kill me for putting her on here too but sure! 😉 Oh and she is always late and loves to clean – just thought I would add that in there 😉

I look like I have a whole bottle of fake tan on, I promise its real – I was just off holiday! lol

So there we have it 6 ladies who inspire me on a daily basis!

I hope you enjoyed reading as always, let me know if you have anyone who inspires you 🙂



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