Happy Friday everyone and even better Happy St Patricks Day!! I hope you all have a lovely day whatever you are at!

Welcome to my latest post on my Friday Five series, this post is all about my 5 favourite products right now! Quite a few of these products I got through advent calendars and presents and now I am hooked on them!!


I have attached links below for you to shop these products if you take a fancy to any of them 🙂


This Eau De Toilette has become one of my favourite to spritz in the mornings! It is so fresh and inexpensive!! I seen it advertised in Glamour magazine as a great summer perfume and they weren’t wrong! It is from Marks & Spencer for £16! Bargain right?

It is currently out of stock but you can get it in store!


If you read my Soap & Glory – The Whole Glam Lot post, you would have seen that I love this mascara! I’m still loving it; it gives a lovely thick, high coverage look! I will definitely be looking into more Soap & Glory Products!

You can shop it here


A lip scrub that smells so good you could eat it!! 😉 I only use it when my lips are really bad and a small bit goes a long way! If you don’t fancy the bubblegum flavour there are others to choose from!

You can shop it here


I really do think this works, It is by This Stuff Work! I wouldn’t be overly keen on the smell but within 10 minutes I can feel myself drifting off into a deep sleep!

You can shop it here


Ok so how many times have we seen products that claim to dry your nail polish quicker and they NEVER work well I can’t safely tell you that this one does!! I got it through a beauty advent calendar but I will definitely be purchasing a new one when this one runs out!

You can shop it here

So there we have it, my 5 favourite products right now! Have you any favourites or maybe some of these are your favourites too?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my latest in my Friday Five series




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