Hey everyone,

Happy Monday, I hope all your week is a off to a good start! Welcome to my latest blog post about my night at Belfast Fashion Week, Designer and Boutiques Night.

Last Thursday my friend and I headed off to Belfast for Belfast Fashion Week show, on the night we were running late  – I had no excuse to be late apart from a 1st World problem of an outfit disaster! Do you ever have times when you put together an outfit in your head and you think oh yes that is going to be class and then it turns out to be anything but… well that happened to me last week! I am usually super organised and would have known this weeks ago but this time I thought I would be grand well turns out I wasn’t! 😉 I liked my outfit in the end, I should have been more dressed up but this is my style and I felt comfortable so I’m glad I wore it!


The night started with a glass of West Coast Cooler, as they were the main sponsors of the event! I had forgotten how nice West Coast Cooler is! We all were gathered in the foyer type area, if you didn’t want a glass of West Coast Cooler, you had the option of tea or coffee from the Lavazza counter at no cost.


It wasn’t long until we were seated and waiting for the show to start! We were seated towards the back which wasn’t great for pictures etc but it was grand! There was everything from glasses to handbags to swimwear modelled down the catwalk from 12 boutqiues.

The fashion show lasted around 35 minutes and was hosted by Cathy Martin from CMPR and Rebecca McKinney from Cool FM. Sometimes it was difficult to see what the girls were showcasing because we were at the back and also because the girls went by so quickly!


The boutiques and designers on the night were:

  • Blush
  • Zohara
  • Diamond Dolls
  • Nor Lisa
  • EKeyewear
  • Silhouette
  • Elizabeth Anne Design
  • Narah & Co
  • Pia Rossini
  • Spoilt Belle Boutique
  • Jourdan

My favourites from the night were Spoilt Belle Boutique and Diamond Dolls.

Girls night out!

Along side getting a lovely glass of West Coast Cooler or a hot beverage we also got a goodie bag each! You can see below what was included. There is an ALFAPARF illuminating hair mask sample included which I cannot wait to try!!


Overall we had a great girls night out! We took lots of Insta stories and a Facebook live on the night for everyone to see on the night!


I hope you enjoyed reading all about my night during Belfast Fashion Week, I really like the boutique night because I love to see what local people have to offer! Next time tho, I’ll put together my outfit a few more days in advance rather than running about like a headless chicken on the day!! 😉

I’ll have a new post live on Wednesday if you fancy checking back 🙂

I hope you all have a lovely week and thanks for reading



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