Happy Friday everyone,

I’m hurrying this weekend up, I only have to work 3 more days and then I am off to sunny (well hopefully) Spain. Yay!! Since Spring is officially here 1 week, I have been slowly edging out my winter wardrobe but before I pack all my layers away I thought I would share with you my 5 favourite items of the winter

Lemongrass Green Colmar Coat

I purchased this coat back in January when I was in Livigno, Italy. I wasn’t going to buy it but deep down I loved it – it wasn’t until my mum said just buy it or you’re going to regret it! Looking back now I would have totally regretted it! Colmar is quite an expensive brand but you pay for what you get which is top quality pieces. I think investing in a good coat is very important, if you pay a bit extra you can be assured you will have it for years and years. You can find similar to my Colmar coat here


Pink Banana Republic Jumper

I just love this jumper, I bought it whilst in America back in September, little did I know then that it would become one of my most favourite items this winter! It is so cosy and warm and it goes with any colour of jeans which is a bonus especially if you are travelling! Most of the time I paired it with my false collar or just a plain white shirt.  You can shop my Banana Republic jumper here


Navy Paul Green Boots

Do you ever have an item and you see something of the same colour just slightly different and just have to have it!! Well that is what happened with these navy boots! I definitely didn’t need them but I still love them as much as the day I bought them! Paul Green shoes are so comfy so definitely worth a purchase. My shoes in the picture above are Paul Green as well! I couldn’t find the exact same boots but I found similar navy boots in Paul Green, you can find them here


Oui Leather Jacket in Taupe

Another one jacket I wasn’t going to buy and again my mum talked me into it! I got this beauty for 50% off and what a bargain, every time I wear it I get lots of compliments and the leather is super duper soft!! If you follow my Instagram you will have seen it in lots of pictures! They don’t have this colour but they still have 5 other colours online which are lovely to, you can find them here on the House of Fraser Website.


Navy Luke Lovely Dress

Do you ever look at something on a hanger and think nahh?? That is exactly what I think when I see most dresses but with my love for navy I just had to try this on just to see for sure! I bought this in LilyRose Boutique, Moira – you have probably seen previous blogging hauls from there! It was a bit more expensive than I would usually spend but it is such a lovely dress, with great detailing! The dress was boutique bought so I couldn’t find one online but I found something similar here


So there we have it, my five favourite winter items, I will probably wear the leather jacket right through the summer but most of the other items I will have to wait to next winter! I love having a classic styled wardrobe because it means those items I spend a little more on will still be in style for years and I will get to enjoy them for more than just one season. With our Northern Irish weather I could be back in boots before the summer is out 😉

Thank you as alway for reading and I hope you enjoyed it, I’ll be back on Monday with another post until then I hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂





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