Hey everyone,

Welcome to my latest blog post all about our new family member! A surprise my brother dropped on me and my mum last week. He did mention it to me the day before but I didn’t think he was overly serious but obviously he was!! 😉

Everyone please meet Elsa…


Elsa is a cross breed between a German Pointer and a Weimaraner, she is grey all over with two white front paws and lovely icy blue eyes as you can see from the picture.


So far we have found out that she likes to howl if you leave her downstairs at night by herself, she likes to eat plants, dig in the soil, chew gas pipes, electric wires, boxes, cushions and pretty much anything else. Elsa is also pretty needy and loves to be wrapped round you when you are sitting on the couch! We know she is just a pup and will grow out of this but we are on high alert when she is on the prowl 😀


I also think she is going to be more responsibility that my brother anticipated! 😉 She needs a lot of training, walking and looking after! She will be well looked after in our house anyway as we couldn’t/wouldn’t see any harm come to an animal!

She was howling here for my brother

So that is Elsa, our newest family member! She is currently 12 going on 13 weeks old and is growing by the day! If you follow my Facebook or Instagram Accounts (links below) then you will see her progress and probably the evidence of the things she has eaten into shreds! :p

Let me know if you have this type of dog and any tips you might have for looking after them 🙂



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