Happy Friday everyone and probably happy holidays for most reading this as it is Easter. I am working over Easter as its one of our busiest times in the restaurant! No complaints here mind as everything is way too busy in the holidays to do anything and it is good for business 😉

I find it so hard to narrow down what I want to bring with me on holiday, I just have so much choice but if I had to choose 5 things out of everything I have to bring with me these would make the cut 😀

Comfortable Shoes – no matter where I am going I like to have 1 pair of comfortable shoes. You just never know what activities there will over the weekend so it is best to be prepared.

Coat – obviously the heaviness of the coat will depend on the proposed weather at your destination but I always bring some sort of coat with me as you never know when the weather can change! I have been on a sun holiday where the sun is splitting the trees and 1pm and by 3pm we are taking shelter from the rain.

Documents  – Insurance, driver licence E11 Heath Card and anything else you may need for your break! Don’t rely on having your insurance documents on your phone or emails as some hospitals prefer them on paper if you are unfortunate to land yourself in hospital. A copy of your passport is a really good thing to have away with you.

Credit Cards/Back up money – You never know what can happen when you are away and what expenses might occur that could be out of your control. It is good to have some sort of backup money when you are away to help you if you get in a situation.

Travel Plugs – obviously if your staying in your own country/plug zone for your holiday then you don’t need to worry about this but… When we went to Krakow last year, I found out when I went to charge my phone that I had no adapter!! DUHH! Such a nightmare trying to find one, I ended up buying a usb plug which cost a total rip off of £8 (if you’ve been to Poland you will know that is expensive – you can read about it here) but I had no choice. Needless to say adapters have been one of the first things in my case since. 


Obviously there are so many other essentials for travelling but these are my top 5 aside from the absolute essentials like toiletries! 😉

If you have any must have essentials for travelling let me know what they are – maybe I could do with putting them in my case 🙂

There will be a new post on the blog on Monday if you fancy checking it out 🙂






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