Hey everyone and happy Monday!!

I hope your week is off to a great start! I was a bit naughty last week and didn’t blog on here at all! I had some stuff going on at work and by the time I got home I just didn’t feel like writing but I feel like I am getting on top of everything now and back on track for another few weeks – I’m trying and thats what counts!! 😉

I was doing some online shopping last night, well window shopping online! I have sort of put myself on a shopping ban, mainly because I have lots of clothes and don’t wear the half of them but I really want some dressy tops but just can’t seem to find any I want!

Last night I came across somethings that I have put on my wish list and will be comtemplating purchasing them over the coming weeks but there is 1/2 things that will be on this wish list for a while because I need to do some saving :p but I do prefer buying quality over quantity every time so I do like to invest in my clothes and accessories.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

I’m not gonna lie, this is going to be on my wish list for a lot longer! I have some serious saving but I just LOVE this bag! I have the Speedy 30 in the Monogram but I just can’t get this one out of my head.

You can shop it here

Picture: Pinterest

Zara – Coral Jacket

I’m not totally sure how much longer I can keep this jacket on my wish list! I tried it on 3 weeks ago and liked it but just wasn’t totally sure about the fit but I can’t stop flicking onto the Zara site to have another look! I think I need another trip to the store.

You can shop it here


Massimo Dutti – Floral Print Camisole Dress

This dress is wayyy too cute but I know by the length and style it just wouldn’t suit me but I had to share it with you! I might pop down to the store and try it on just in case, you know 😉

You can shop it here

massimo dutti.jpg


Stylpro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Drier

A bit on the pricy side for a brush cleaner but then it does dry them… I would need something to help me clean my makeup brushes 😉 I’m sure I am not the only one that can’t be bothered to wash them! 🙂 Someday I will get one!! lol

You can shop it here


I’m sure I could add a few more items to the list but they aren’t things I really want and personally I only add things to my wish list if I can’t stop thinking about them! I haven’t been to the shops in 3 weeks so that helps keep my wish list to a minimum! Ha! I think I may have to purchase the Coral jacket before the end of the week tho! 🙂 There goes my shopping ban huh! 😉

I hope you enjoyed my April wish list – I will be back on Wednesday & Friday with new posts if you would like to check back then!

Thank you as always for reading






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