Evening everyone,

Wednesday again…Were are the weeks going, soon it will be Halloween 😉 I couldn’t bring  myself to write Christmas in that part! Ha

This month I actually got wear quite a lot of my clothes – usually I am in my work uniform 5/6 days of the week so it was nice to get the chance to wear them so I thought I would share them on here with you! I do post my outfit pictures on Instagram but I am aware that lots of people aren’t on Instagram so hopefully most of you won’t be fed up already 😉

Day in the office outfit
airport style
Airport Outfit
Dinner Outfit (Holiday)
Zara top
Dinner Outfit (Holiday)
White Tommy
Dinner Outfit (Holiday)
Shopping Outfit
Sunday Evening Chilling Outfit
Dinner Outfit
Day off outfit
Day in the office outfit
Airport Outfit

Still quite a few wintery looks filtering through during April because it is still so cold here in Northern Ireland. Hopefully May will be warmer and we can get some use out of our Spring clothes but I’m not holding my breath 😉

I hope you enjoyed my April look book and maybe it gave some of you a little inspiration. Most of my clothes are classic pieces so they are easy to piece together and wear numerous time with numerous items!

I hope you all have a lovely week and thank you for reading




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