Good evening everyone,

On Monday I decided to treat myself to a facial and I also needed some new Image skincare products which you can only buy through certain salons after you have a consultation to determine which products you need due to the nature of the products.

Last summer I started watch The Skin Nerd (Jennifer Rock) on snapchat (theskinnerdire) – if you aren’t following her and you want to know more about skincare then you NEED to follow her! I have followed her  some of the advice she has offered through snapchat and I have seen a big difference.

At the time Jennifer was working for Image skincare and this was the main brand she promoted when I started watching her snaps. As Jennifer explained at the time, Image is a cosmesutical brand which works deeper into the skin than products bought in a pharmacy.  It was approx 1 week after starting to watch her snaps that I booked myself in for the Image Signature Facial – the facial itself is more like a treatment rather than a facial. It includes acids depending on your skins main concern, which for me was acne! The facial itself made a great difference to my skin and I was also advised on which Image products to buy for my skin type which for me was the Image Clear Cell and I have to say it is absolutely fab!! It isn’t a product you can use every day as it can dry out your skin so I started using it 2/3 per week and noticed a huge positive change in my skin.

My first Image facial was in a salon in Lisburn called Clare McKinney and the girl who performed my treatment was lovely and I felt very reassured with how she performed the treatment and the products she recommended. This time I chose a different salon, mainly because they are open on a Monday and it suits me best. I wasn’t as keen on Mondays experience as I was in Lisburn. I paid for these treatments myself and I never told either salons that I blog because I wanted to have a treatment that was a normal experience rather than one that had extra effort because I might write about them if you get what I mean. I also won’t name the salon from Monday unless you ask me.

On Monday, I didn’t feel like I had a had a proper consultation – the therapist asked me relevant questions but nothing out of the ordinary but then again she knew that I was already using Image products. The treatment itself was grand, I had a mixture of acids and retinol applied to my skin. I didn’t feel as relaxed as I did with my first treatment, I felt a little skeptical through the process and I just didn’t feel totally confident in the person performing my treatment or feel a passionate vibe from the therapist if you know what I mean! On the flip side my skin does look good, I was recommended similar products to before although not in as much detail.

There are lots of great skincare brands out there at the minute, in my experience I would recommend the Image treatments as the results are good and the products are reasonably priced.

I have two favourite products from the brand which are the ClearCell Cleanser – if you suffer from acne then you need to get to a salon and try this product. The other product is the Iluma Intense Lightening Serum – I get so many compliments about my skin/make up when I use this serum, so its a big thumbs up for me 😉

I would however recommend finding a salon and therapist that you feel confident with and know that you are getting the best treatment for your concern! I also advise that you follow The Skin Nerd through Facebook and Snapchat to get unbiased advise which you won’t regret!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my post and maybe it will have been of some benefit to you if you are concerned about your skin. I know as well as anyone how your skin can effect your confidence and if there is a way to solve that then it is worth any measures.









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