Hey everyone and welcome to my latest Friday Five post. I decided to share another fashion post as they seem to be the most favourite – lets be honest, who doesn’t love fashion 😉

Today, I thought I would share with you all my 5 favourite brands right now! If you have been following my blog for a while then you might have already guessed a few before you even read on! 🙂

Massimo Dutti Jacket, Tommy Hilfiger Jumper

1. Massimo Dutti – This has to be my most favoured brand to date! Their jeans fit me perfectly and their items are great quality and a great price point! I am overdue a visit to one of their stores but hopefully in the coming weeks I can get to one 😉

2. Tommy Hilfiger – I have always been a fan of Tommy Hilfiger, there is just something different about their classic styles and now especially since Gigi Hadid has joined forces with them! I have been picking up most of my Hilfiger items from TK Maxx recently at amazing prices.

3. New Look – I am picking New Look more for their heels rather than the clothes because recently their shoes have been A M A Z I N G  and they are comfortable which is an added bonus! I’ve had a look at some of their clothes the last few weeks and their are some great items as well!

4. Louis Vuitton – Not a brand that everyone can afford, I’m not saying that I can but if I see something and I lust over it for weeks, months and year then I save my backside off and treat myself! For weeks I literally only spend what is need, anything else just has to wait 😉 I have my eye on a new bag but it will have to wait for a while so I can put away some pennies! You can get a sneak peak of it here 😉 It always good to treat yourself to one special bag in your life.

5. Zara  – Every season I fall in and out of love with Zara! I refuse to shop on their website unless I have spotted an item on someone of I have seen it in the shop! Their pictures don’t do their items justice and they look totally different when they arrive! Recently I have picked up a few items, 1 in store and the other from their website after seeing it on blogger Pippa O’Connor! I am really excited to get wearing the pieces over the next few weeks!

New Look shoes, Massimo Dutti Jacket

That brings us to the end of another Friday Five post! I find as we get older we tend to stick to the same brands as we find what works for us as an individual and what doesn’t! Obviously we shops in other places but I find that I always come back to the same ones! For me I like to dress in classic items that won’t date which gives me lots of options for outfits as most of my pieces go together! I also believe in investing in key items for you wardrobe like a statement bag, trench coat or a white shirt for example.

Zara Skort Dress 

If you have favourite brands let me know! I love discovering stores with good quality affordable items which can be transitioned from one year to the next!

Thank you as always for reading and I hope you enjoyed my latest Friday Five post! I will have a new post live on my blog on Monday at 7pm if you would like to check back! 🙂

Happy weekend





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