Last Sunday (14th May) I attended a bloggers brunch with a mixture of 50 Northern Irish bloggers and PRs, organised by Cathy Martin from CMPR. The day consisted of networking, eating and giving a one-minute chat about our blogs and how and why we got started etc. It was a great morning getting to put social media names to faces and see some of those that I hadn’t met or seen online before! I think everyone left feeling inspired by everyone’s stories and tips for blogging! Thank you Cathy for a great morning and thank you to The Permit Room (soon to be known as The Beringer) for the lovely food and service!

Whilst everyone was giving their chat, I was thinking desperately about what I was going to say etc. when it dawned on me that I hadn’t actually told you all why I started blogging, so I thought I had better get to it!


Why I started Blogging…

My first proper blog post was in August 2016, I had been posting to my Facebook page about 2 weeks before that. I had recently finished my degree that I had been doing for 5 years part-time whilst working in our restaurant. As you can imagine it was pretty full on, so when I finished my degree I found that I had some free time and was finding it hard to occupy myself! I had gone from working 50+ hours per week and college 2 nights per week along with assignments to then only have work. I wanted to fill my new spare time with something that is productive and worth while. I had always liked the idea of blogging, I always thought it would be nice to write online and let people read it and I also thought how hard can it be… So I decided I would start blogging!

At the start I didn’t really know what I was doing and to be honest I am still figuring it all out but I’m loving it! It is amazing how your blog becomes part of your life, I am always thinking of content, pictures and telling you all about my experiences! I knew from the start I wanted to write about fashion, travel and what I experienced in life so I went from there. So far I have shared everything from travel tips, outfit posts, general life experiences and my bargain finds!

One thing I have found is that it is not easy! It takes time, effort and forward thinking to have a blog. You also need to love what you are writing about and you also need to be able to put aside some time each week to work on writing! If I am not writing for my blog I am posting to my Facebook and Instagram pages, taking pictures for blog posts or general social media pictures. Sometimes it can be quite time consuming, which I didn’t find out until I started blogging and putting a lot more effort into my posts – it doesn’t bother me as I enjoy all the work behind the posts.

Over the last 6/7 months I have done a lot of researching into blogging and I have been watching how successful bloggers run their blogs and taking tips from them. Each time I find some useful information or tips I implement them in my blog such as:

Consistent publishing of posts

People like pictures

Being honest

Finding your tone


I have a lot I would like to do with my blog with the remainder of the year so if you would like to see what then stay tuned 😉

So there we have it… I started blogging because I had some spare time and wanted to be productive in that time. I felt I had something to give the world and I enjoy writing even if it can be poor sometimes (I’m working on it) :S If you would like to start a blog then go for it! I believe you should put 100% into whatever you do and if you do then all your hard work will eventually pay off!

Let me know if you have recently started a blog or if you would like to start a blog. I would love to hear from you.

I hope you all have a lovely week and make the most of it 🙂

As always thank you for reading




8 thoughts on “Why I Started Blogging

  1. Jordyn! I loved reading this!
    It’s so good to hear that yep – I’m not alone and yep – Blogging IS bloody hard. I usually devote a whole week to sourcing and brainstorming clothing ideas, whilst the weekends are spent actually creating the content. And then in between somewhere – I write, and read, and engage in social media. Ugh. I am tired just thinking about it haha.

    Are you doing this full-time at the moment? Working at the restaurant still? xo

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  2. Hi,
    I am so glad I found your blog on WordPress Reader!
    First of all, congratulations on your hard work to finish your degree, while working at the same time. It requires a lot of courage, purpose, and discipline.
    Yes, blogging has become an increasingly serious activity, which requires discipline as well, in order to be successful. Long past are the days when, no matter what a blogger would publish online, he or she would get instant attention from other bloggers and web users.
    There is still the possibility for anyone with some degree of devotion to rise as the next star in the blogosphere, since the worldwide web is a vast ocean of unexploited opportunity.
    Have you ever thought of writing in a specific niche that is, for example, related to the subject of your studies, or running/working in a restaurant?

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    1. Hi Georgie,
      Thank you so much for your compliments.
      I did previously think about writing about the restaurant I was a little hesitant in case I wouldn’t have enough to write about.
      I also started my blog to give me something to focus on other than the restaurant.
      I may look into starting another blog along side focusing on the restaurant



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