Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the weekend

I am in Nessebar, Bulgaria at the minute. It is my home away from home; we have pretty much taken everything at our leisure this week, which is what a holiday is all about! I thought I would base todays post around Bulgaria since I am here and lots more people are starting to holiday here.


I for one love coming to Bulgaria, we have been holidaying at the seaside and mountain areas here since I was 7, which is almost 18 years ago :O so I have a soft spot for here. A lot of people were I live have started to holiday in Bulgaria over the years. Most go to Sunny Beach where the holiday deals and most hotels are; our apartment is in Nessebar nestled in with the locals! Our apartment I think is lovely, it is to be honest pretty basic but we just love it, it doesn’t have a pool or anything so we just use the local hotel or the beach!

If you have been contemplating a holiday to Bulgaria, I advise you to book it! It is thought to be a 3rd world country by some people but it really isn’t! It is cheap and beautiful and has everything that the mainstream holiday destinations have.

Foyer Bakery, Nessebar

So onto the 5 Why I love Bulgaria:

1. The Food – Fresh and tasty is what springs to mind when I think about the food! Over the years we have found our favourite restaurants and what we like in each of these restaurants! If you are vegetarian or vegan, you would have absolutely no problem at all getting something to eat here.

I will have a full blog post on where to eat and what to do when here in the coming weeks so stay tuned

2. Nessebar – It is such a beautiful area, there is an old town along with the new town. Nessebar South beach is one of my favourites, it is around 1 mile long with sun loungers, parasols for rent and also free areas where you can lie on the sand. It can get quite busy in the summer months but it is a lot quieter than Sunny Beach. The water is beautiful and some days the waves can be high and great to have fun in – just make sure you hold onto your swimsuit 😉

3. Cheap – It wouldn’t stop me from coming if it was more expensive but it does make it more attractive when it is cheap. You can eat out for two people in a nice restaurant with all the food you could want along with a bottle of wine for around £19.

4. Less Commercialised – When I say it is less commerialised I am talking about Nessebar and Pamporovo (where we ski) rather than Sunny Beach. Were we are and old town Nessebar there is very little commercialisation, which is lovely! I like that you can walk around and bump into very few other tourists, I feel more like a local here now since we have been coming so long.

5. Can holiday in Winter & Summer – I love a winter ski holiday and I love a summer holiday but it can be quite rare to find somewhere you love that you can do both! In the winter we go quite often to Pamporovo to ski and in the summer we go to Nessebar. The two destinations are around 8 hours apart and are totally different from each other in certain ways. We have made some great friends in each of the areas over the years.

On Nessebar South Beach

That is the end of another Friday Five blog post. Thank you as always for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Like I said above, if you are thinking of booking a holiday here then just do it! You will have a great time!


Have a lovely weekend and I will have a new post live on Monday at 7pm



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