When does shopping become an addiction or is it just an overactive hobby?

A couple of weeks ago I was packing for my trip to Bulgaria when I realised I still had the price tags on almost all of the items I was packing. These weren’t pieces that I had recently bought or even bought for the trip, they were items that I had been impulsively buying over the past few months. Looking at the amount of unworn items in my suitcase and my wardrobe I was totally embarrassed, I was/am buying items quicker that I could get time to wear them! Generally I am not an impulse buyer or someone who generally buys something I don’t need but recently I just want everything. It’s like gimme gimme gimme. Don’t get me wrong, months can go by when I don’t buy anything but from January this year I have been buying like a mad woman and it has got to stop – the first step is admitting you’ve got a problem, right?


Generally I buy classic pieces, items that I will have in my wardrobe for the next 10 years and they will still be fashionable (hopefully). The items complement each other and work in many different ways so I should really never be bored of my clothes but we all get in a rut sometimes, right? I think I am just trying to justify myself! Ha


So… Recently I have been thinking about giving myself the challenge of not buying one item of clothing until September, but how do you make the rules? :s For example can I buy clothes for work, essentials such as socks? If I do to ban myself from buying clothes until September I would like to share it with my followers; I would like to share with you all how I am working around my wardrobe and how I can effectively make good use of what I already have. So what do you think, should I do it? Would some of you do it also? 😉


The challenge is something I am going to give a lot of thought to over the next week or so and then decide if it is something that I can seriously commit to. I don’t see why not and if I share with you all that I am going to do it, then I am more likely to stick to the rules that I set myself 🙂 If it is something that you would be interested in doing as well, leave a comment on any of my social media (links below)!

Thank you as always for reading







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