Hey everyone,

Its been a while from I posted something travel related so I thought I would share some info regarding Bulgaria as more and more people are going on holiday there now.

Look at the clear sea! Looking at Old Nessebar
Our family has been going to Nessebar for over 12 years now so we know the place pretty well. There has been so many changes around the area over the years, it has come on leaps and bounds especially over the past 3/4 years. In some instances I find that Bulgaria is streets ahead of us here in the UK.

I know a lot of people have been to Bulgaria and haven’t liked it but it is like anywhere, it isn’t for everyone. Most travel companies only offer deals to Sunny Beach which can be overcrowded and overwhelming at the best of times. To be honest I’m not a fan of Sunny Beach as it’s purpose built for tourists and lacks character but there are some FAB hotel/resorts in the area and I do love a good hotel. For 7 nights in September a hotel can set you back anything from £109 to £1650 (B&B), something to suit everyones budget.


If you are in Sunny Beach and you would like food like home or maybe a proper cuppa then be sure to call into the Hawaii, it is opposite The Glarus Hotel. They have usually have PG Tips/Tetley and do a great Roast Beef Dinner. They offer karaoke as well which is great fun to get involved with and the party goes on all night long. If you aren’t into karaoke and you want a thrill try the sling shot next door – strap yourself in an get shot into the air, its cheesy but fun.

Eco Michaels, Old Nessebar
Nessebar is the polar opposite, it is quiet, quaint and scenic. It is my all time favourite place to go to. If you have been following me for a while you will know I call it my ‘happy’ place, it is literally the only place I can totally chill out! It is 15 minutes by bus from Sunny Beach & costs approx 65p each way, so fear not if you are staying in Sunny Beach and want tranquility you can get to Nessebar for very little. There are two beach to choose from, North Beach which eventually joins Sunny Beach and there is South Beach which is my favourite as there are lot of restaurants and activities to choose from.

Eco Michaels
With Nessebar you have got the Old Town and the New Town. The New Town attracts tourists although not so many English, there are lots of lovely shops on the main street. Be sure to check out all the Silver Jewellery shops their pieces are genuine 925 silver, I have bought lots of unique pieces over the years and haven’t had any problems. There is also a fab handbag shop, you can literally get a handbag in any colour (it is opposite The White Rose Restaurant).

St Vlas Marina
Since I’m so familiar with Nessebar I think I should share with you some of my favourite eating places

  • The White Rose – My all time favourite – get the Mushroom Risotto
  • Mario Cafe – Little on the expensive side – great house white wine
  • Foyer Cafe – Their croissants are perfect and brushetta is pretty good as well
  • Caramel Music Bar – Great for a relaxing drink, they also do food

There are lots of other places that we go to but these are my favourites.

The Old Town is fab, the quaint cobbled streets are amazing (don’t wear your good/nice/heeled shoes because the terrain isn’t great and I can assure you, you will ruin your shoes – I have ruined many of mine) The whole area is just stunning, make sure if you are visiting that there is still some day light to make the most of it although you won’t see it all in one evening. There is a beautiful walk around the perimiter especially around sunset and don’t leave without trying the ice-cream they serve on the streets – my favourite is Forest Fruits 😉

Old Town Nessebar
For food try Zornitza or The Old Nessebar, we don’t tend to eat in the Old Town because the price is ££ compared to £ of the New Town. For drinks try the Jazz bar in the middle of the Old Town its lovely or find Eco Michael – you will probably need to use Maps to find it but my goodness is it worth it or what, it isn’t like anything you have ever seen, it is handmade and took over 7 years to finish.

Old Town Nessebar
I think I have pretty much covered everything around the Nessebar area, if you don’t particularly like sunbathing you could try taking a day trip to Sozopol or take a bus to St Vlas, there is a beautiful Marina there with lots of restaurants. If the Marina isn’t your thing there are lots of lovely shops in the town centre to avail from.

Eco Michaels 
If it is raining I usually go to Mall Galleria, Bourgas to shop, they have some fantastic shops and brands, everything from Zara to Michael Kors. You can get a bus from Sunny Beach or Nessebar for around £3pp and then a taxi from Bourgas Centre to the Mall for around £2.50 – make sure you pay no more than 10lv for the taxi or else you are being ripped off.

Swinging in St Vlas
I hope you enjoyed my post and hopefully get some use out of it. It really is a beautiful country and has some great attractions, I want to see more of the coast over the next few years so I will be sure to update you all along the way

Catching the sunrise, St Vlas to the left, Old Town, Nessebar to the right

I hope you have a lovely week and I will see you all next week for another post






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